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Big Data Digital Marketing 

The Crucial Role of Big Data in Digital Marketing

The days of the old, mass advertising seem to be numbered. The digital age is upon us with all its tech marvels, including a plethora of different channels, devices, and tools. Marketers are constantly being challenged to take advantage of all this technology in order to shape and distribute their message. Therefore, they are always on the lookout for different ways to comprehend and interpret large sets of data. That way, they can capture the imagination of the wide audience and turn prospects into loyal brand ambassadors. Understanding the Role…

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Chrome Extensions for a Blogger Blogging 

Top List of the Best Chrome Extensions for a Busy Blogger

In this post, I will tell you the best chrome extensions list for a blogger. Time is a valuable thing for busy bloggers. From brainstorming ideas to researching topics, and finally sitting down to compile your thoughts into a powerful and engaging blog can take tremendous amounts of time. Luckily, there are blogger tools out there to help us save some time and make the writing process much more efficient. Here are the best chrome extensions for a blogger: 1. Feedly Notifier Researching a topic takes a tremendous amount of time. Reading…

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Digital Marketing Tips Digital Marketing 

4 Digital Marketing Tips For Your Business

Every business has a constant goal to improve its profit margins. And Digital Marketing has gained its relevance in achieving the same objective. A company employing online marketing in its business plans, looks for lead generation, boost in online sales, rank higher in search engine results page and gain as many numbers of customers as possible. With the digital transformation widening its reach all over the web, a business having a great digital marketing strategy is likely to acquire profitable results in its online traction and sales. Read these four…

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