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6 Essential Gadgets Perfect for Students

School spells out tremendous workload for students, which all the more reason why preparation has to be made.

For convenience, equipping oneself with the necessary gadgets that will be of much use when studying is a wise move to reduce the potential strain in finishing any course. Before tasks are finished by performing them manually, it doesn’t have to be the case at present.

By using different devices, students will have extra time to do all the other tasks. Users will not have complicated issues as well in asking a third party to lend them the items they wish to use.

More importantly, this also saves time – something which is very much valuable in any students’ life.  Today, we have compiled some of the most useful items any students can use for their study. Have a quick look.


Who doesn’t use smartphone? In these times, almost every student uses mobile devices to conduct their daily correspondence both for personal and educational reasons. Aside from being vital tools for communicating, these devices are also used to connect to the internet and research items while on the go.

Having a personal smartphone saves students a lot of hassle in going through their regular activities.

Flash drive

It’s a given that lots of projects, assignments and other school papers are required from individual students. Stashing all notes by printing them on paper can be impractical as hard copies have higher chances of getting lost.

Saving files on flash drives is more practical as this allows students to get the information they desire by simply plugging it on a laptop or PC.


Printing documents is part of the student life and looking for print shops every now and then could be a hassle especially if one likes to immediately have the documents at hand. The most efficient way is to secure yourself a personal printer which you can install inside your dormitory room or boarding unit.

This way, you will have surefire access to the equipment and won’t have to endure long lines just to have  single file printed.

Ethernet cable

Wifi connection is the most common means of connecting to the internet at present. However, it’s also a common knowledge that the more people shares the same network, the slower the connectivity becomes – something which is very common in the case of dormitories that supply the needs of all its boarders.

Attaching your PC or laptop to a cable may look uncool and messy with all the wires. Still, it’s way better than suffering from a very slow internet connection.

External Hard drive

With tons of school works, research papers and all other documents and files you have to compile, it’s only appropriate to keep them somewhere safe. External hard drives are your backup support to hold huge file sizes in just one place.

Just make sure to choose a brand that are durable and have some sort of protective function to keep your files safe. Competent brands include SeaGate,WD and more!

Livescribe Pulse smartpen (with Livescribe notebook paper)

If it’s about taking down notes and recording your teacher’s discussion in full details, this pen might just provide you the solution. It acts as a voice recorder and a storage device allowing up to 2 GB of free space.

Using this ingenious function, students will have an easier means of tracking things that are said during class and will have instant means of storing the information directly on the pen. From there, one can then sync all the data to his or her computer for later reference.


Other students and basically the entire academia is now employing the usage of advanced tools to conduct their lessons.

Therefore, there’s no reason why you should not adapt the trend and help make things easier for yourself. By investing on practical tools, one can help himself focus more on his or her studies rather than thinking of all the hassles associated with the course.

The next time you gear up for school opening, reassess your technological readiness. How ready are you for school? Double check the tools you’re currently using and see if you’ve tried the ones we have on this list.

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