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Top 3 Powerful Platforms to Build a ChatBot

A physical store.  A Website. A Social Media Presence. An App. Now it’s imperative to have a Chatbot to be relevant and ahead in the race. But what’s more important is to take the veil off and see the true potential of getting in with AI and Chatbots. The biggest and the best in business had little to lose when they invested in Chatbots a couple of years ago – but maybe that’s the reason why market research and trend forecasting matters. Chatbots are clearly impacting businesses left, right and…

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zoconvert review Chatbot Reviews 

Is ZoConvert the Best Messenger Bot Builder for Online Marketers?

The run-for-the-money that ChatBots have given to the traditional online marketers over the last year has surely made everyone in the food chain put in efforts to be ahead of the learning curve. Being in the industry, one has to learn and adapt just to make it through the week; especially when new ChatBots features and complicated dashboards are being released regularly. So, today, in this piece, we will be discussing the ChatBot that may suit your requirements as a digital marketer or otherwise – after all, who doesn’t need…

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AppSumo Review Deals Reviews 

AppSumo Review: Do They Offer the Best Digital Digital Deals?

Are you a website developer or running a website? Looking out for some amazing and exciting deals on all the digital tools? Want to make a unique and interesting website? The answers to all the above questions are AppSumo. What is AppSumo basically? AppSumo is one of the niche online retailers which provide you with some exciting and amazing offers on most of the digital tools available in the market. AppSumo is the best for all the website developers and designers, graphic designers, programmers etc. Even former members of Facebook,…

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Cryptocurrency Exchange Site Technology 

Top 5 Cryptocurrency Exchange Site

What are cryptocurrency exchanges? cryptocurrency exchanges are platforms/websites where you can buy/sell or exchange your cryptocurrency or fiat (money) with other cryptocurrencies. Choosing a cryptocurrency site is very important before carrying out any transfer that buys and sell on cryptocurrency. Here we are with the top 5 and best cryptocurrency exchange site: 1. Coinbase   Coinbase is the top-rated cryptocurrency exchange site. This site is operative since 2012. This cryptocurrency site is based in the USA. This cryptocurrency exchange site is legitimized Bitcoin business which is financed by many VC…

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Cryptocurrencies Technology 

Top 5 Cryptocurrencies That You Should Know In 2018

The current trend is for the cryptocurrencies. To invest in these we need to have complete knowledge of these cryptocurrencies. There are people in the market who are not at all aware of the terms such as XRP or ETH. And this is very serious hence, we must discuss in detail regarding the evaluation of these cryptocurrencies. Here are the 5 most important cryptocurrencies: 1. Ripple (XRP) Let us start with the ripple cryptocurrency. It is a network of payments that is completely build on the blockchain. It is completely…

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SEMrush free trial Deals Reviews SEO Tools 

‘SEMrush’ a Must Know for Every Start-up Enthusiast

SEMrush is a tool that plays an important role in finding profitable Keywords It is a program used for optimizing sites and creating the content, which an audience needs and wants. If you are looking for a digital marketing suite that can provide you with tools that cover SEO, PPC, keyword research, competitive analysis, social media, PR, content, then SEMrush should be what you are looking for. SEMrush started in 2008 with a mission to make online competition transparent and fair. SEMrush? Why When you start a business the most important thing…

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SEO Trends in 2018 SEO 

15 Leading Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Trends for 2018

What SEO trends & techniques does 2018 hold for us? We shall take a preview into the very near future and brace ourselves for it. Here are top SEO trends in 2018: 1. Voice Quest Voice search builds up 20% of all online searches. By 2020, this number may very well reach 50%. We are standing on the cliff of a new Internet era, meaning new things for would-be SEO experts like you and me to learn and master. 2. Superior user experience As ever, Google would favour websites that…

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GetResponse Email Marketing News 

The Ultimate Guide to GetResponse

If you are planning to start building an email list then this guide is only for you. Learn How to get started with GetResponse email marketing platform. In this day and age, creating a website has become a necessity in a business, of any and every field. And the best way to go about the promotions of your business is email marketing, even in this age of social media. In fact, the success rate of email marketing is 40 times more than any social media marketing. What is Email Marketing?…

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Black Friday Deals Black Friday Deals News 

Top 10 Black Friday Deals 2017

Get the Best Black Friday Deals in 2017 and save your Hard Earned Money. Now you need to work SMART. Smart Bloggers use various tools and services to reduce their workload and work more efficiently. However, like all good things, you will find the best features of the Pro versions only. That means you have to purchase the premium versions of these tools and services. The best way to get these tools and services at cheaper rates is to get them during Black Friday Deals. Here are the best Black Friday Deals for Bloggers…

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Amazon Affiliate Marketing Affiliate Marketing 

12 Ways to Earn Money with Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program

You must be aware of loads of overemphasis about how you can earn from doing amazon affiliate marketing. Or, you would have set up a website with the objective of earning money from affiliate marketing and would have used up money to buy a domain, paid for hosting the site, used the services of a web designer to construct your website only to discover the money earned is insufficient to cover up your capital investment. Well, probably you have not attempted the appropriate affiliate program. There is a method to earn…

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