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7 Ways To Define Your Ideal Freelance Writing Client

It’s going to happen. There will be a moment when you’ve accepted some kind of writing job, you’re knee deep into it and you’ve realized that your client crawled up into this world through a gateway from hell. You just can’t avoid all the crazies. Some will slip under your radar and appear completely nice and friendly, right until they’re screaming in your face and the spit is flying everywhere because you used a comma ‘incorrectly’. That said, you can avoid an awful lot of them. And though a great…

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How To Keep Writing: 5 Tricks To Sneak Past Perfectionism

I hate that little guy on my shoulder. He’s worse than any external critic. I type something and then he goes whispering in my ear, how it should be better, how it really isn’t worthy. And before it, I’m holding down the backspace key and those wonderful black letters will be seen nevermore. I know If only he’d shut up every so once in a while! Fortunately, it is possible – and easier than you may think. It doesn’t even require heavy drinking! After many years of writing, sweating and…

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7 Ways to Build Trust and Confidence with Your Team

Having a team that has trust and confidence built into it will be significantly more productive and creative than one that’s unhappy and cynical. Many companies can have this problem for decades if they don’t institute a culture change to bring in and foster the right attitudes. Once a team no longer trusts management, and vice versa, it’s hard to bring back the same group of people and expect different results. So how do you foster the right attitudes that are confident and trust worthy? Well, the first step is…

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