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Strengthen the SEO of Your Website Using These Top Tips

In a discussion with columnist, Matt Cutts, previous head of WebSpam at Google said, “The best place to bury a dead body is the second page of Google search results” Such is the condition of competition in SERP ranking. Without great SEO, it is difficult to make place on page 1 in Google search results. Here, in this article, we are examining top things suggested by the authorities of SEO in Lebanon – thought to be one of the best in world. Great quality content Great content is the foundation…

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Tips To Get the Right Health Insurance

You work all days and all nights to save the money you earn. It could be to buy that apartment or to get yourself a nice car. It could be for your future studies or it could simply be a saving for what lies ahead of you. After having spent so much on getting all that money into your bank account, how would you feel if suddenly it all goes away to medical bills? None of us would like it even one bit. Health problems can hit anyone at any…

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