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Top 5 Free Android Games in 2017

Getting bored? Tired of playing those old games in your mobile phone? Then it’s time for you to start up with the best Android games that can make your day. When you log in with your Id on Google play store, it will surprise you with amazing Android games that are fun, easy to get loaded and exciting and engaging enough to let you keep playing. If you have an Android enabled device, then loading such games should not be a problem.

So kill your boring hours by enjoying some of the mind blowing games that have been addicting and engaging many users across the world. With different genre’s section for your choice android games offers you with variety of games that can suit your taste.

Here are the best 5 android games in 2017:

1. Adventures of Mana

It is one of the popular game which was in older version was released in the year 1990. With lot many bugs fixes and change in the theme, it has been brought back in action and is released for mobile phones. It is more like Square Enix games and has been rated with 5 stars by most of the users. Enjoy using a virtual joy stick and use plenty of different weapons and magic tricks to beat the bad guys. There are few challenging obstacles for which using your brain is important than action.

Download it here.

2. BattleHand

Well you need to beat Queen Amethyst along with her veil minions in Battle Hand. Yes, people of FellCrest need you to save their tiny world with your powerful tricks. Battle hand is one additive game in which you will be a powerful warrior fighting against the evil. It is full of medieval adventuring and is now upgraded with 3D action. Load this game today to experience the ultimate gaming thrill absolutely free of cost.

Download it here.

3. Cut the Rope: Magic

Help the little cute frog to get its favorite dish. Hang on, there is a trick to help Mr. Cute monster to reach its destination. Well, what must be that trick? That is a real challenge of the game. With more 750 million downloading across the world, this game is a magical sequel with different adventures and transformations. You will definitely help this little monster who more looks like a frog and help him reach his candy. Beware of the evil wizard that is hidden. Load this game and experience the magical journey to help the little monster.

Download it here.

4. The Pit

This is another popular game that has been gaining lot of popularity. There are different elements like super basic runner and colorful world in this game that keeps you engaged and addictive to play for long. Your job is to reach the destination with hold and release function which is quite interesting. Load this game today, unlock new characters and challenge your friends to beat your score.

Download it here.

5. Downwell

Well you will definitely enjoy playing this game that has been designed with great technologies and amazing ideas. Your aim is to kill those bad guys, use good new weapons like gun boots and hop on the platform for survival. This game has got great graphics with easy screen on controls.

Download it here.

Load these fun games today and give your phone a little life. Say goodbye to your boredom and you make your game interesting. You can play these Android games with your friends as well.

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