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The Best Gadgets of the Year 2016

Ever since hi-tech moved in on our everyday lives and the term gadget became not only something we can see in movies about James Bond but rather something that we carry in our back pockets every we saw a lot of devices that made our childhood dreams come to life. The good news is that this giant snowball just keeps rolling and piling and each passing year continues to bring very useful, neat or plain and simply awesome entries. 2016, was by no means an exception, so let us see what treats Santa brought to all the good kids this year.

EHang 184

Although we are nowhere ear the 23rd century where flying cars are mundane (at least according to the 1997 movie Fifth Element), we are one step away from getting our own flying car. The Chinese UAV company EHang has constructed a human-sized drone able to carry one passenger at the speed of 60 mhp for 23 minutes. All it takes now, to get closer to the future is to upgrade the battery, the managable distance, etc.

Garmin’s Varia Vision

It’s like all our childhood movies are set to become reality some time soon. Now, we have some sort of a version of Terminator’s vision for motorcycles. Varia Vision enables bikers to see cycling stats (performance data, vehicles approaching from behind, directions, etc.) without taking their eyes off the road. It’s feather light making it easier to wear.

The GoSun Stove

When it comes to the phenomenon of “smart home”, it seems that the kitchen is always the first place where we start upgrading. This solar-powered grill uses a special design that directs sunlight towards a cylinder, cooking the food inside a solar tube that absorbs more than 80 percent of the sunlight reflected onto it.


Unlike the previous mentions, we can’t find any truly useful purpose for these levitating bluetooth speakers (although a lot of trolling comes to mind), but we can’t deny the fact they’re the coolest thing ever.

Lexus Hoverboard

Another movie fantasy coming to life – the Back to the Future’s hoverboard, will finally hit the streets. Until we are able to fly around in the sky, though, we will have an equally fun and innovative mean of transport in the form of a self balancing scooter. It is incredibly easy to use, and the best part is that it is not in the future – it is now.


If you have ever started hating your favorite song because it was your alarm tone, you will love Sensorwake, an alarm clock that wakes you up by releasing smells that will put you in a good mood each morning. So if the smell of espresso is sufficient to get your blood pumping, you will definitely wake up with a smile.


The award for the most adorable thing we saw this year goes to Code-a-pillar, the colorful illuminated caterpillar toy. It is designed to teach kids the very basic principles of coding, simultaneously developing their thinking, planning and sequencing, and problem-solving skills. With the help of this toy, little learners are set to become big thinkers.


The Universal Translator from Star Trek is something all of us want to have, especially when traveling foreign countries. Logbar makes language barriers disappear, by automatically translating different languages at the push of a button. For now, it contains a limited translation system – Chinese-English, Japanese-Chinese and English Japanese, but we hope that it will cover a lot more combinations soon (plans for the future include French, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Thai and Arabic).

With the present so exciting, the future promises to be the greatest movie yet to be seen, and we can’t wait to see all the ingenious, useful and cool solutions for our everyday problems that are still waiting to be invented.

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