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Boosting Your Warehouse Productivity

Running your warehouse like a military unit does have its benefits – you’re looking at a productivity boost (for a period of time). However, punctuality and customer happiness aren’t the only two factors involved in increasing a warehouse productivity, even if they admittedly are very important.

Keeping up with the Technology

The first factor in boosting productivity within your warehouse is, well, modernizing it. Not only will this actually physically speed things up (new forklifts picker and doors are quicker and run smoother) but will also positively influence your workers’ morale, which will, in turn, make things more productive.

A modern computer system will go a long way in making your employees’ lives easier and dwindle the need for extra personnel recruitment – with a bit of training, your workers will learn how to operate the computers on their own. Everyone is proficient in technology nowadays.

Communication Is the Key

You can load your warehouse with the most cutting-edge of technology and equip your employees with fictional machines like those from Avatar and you still won’t be sure that the job is done properly. Sure, you might see a spike in productivity, or two, but once your workers get used to the machinery, they will stagnate yet again.

Making an effort to communicate with your employees is valued greatly and, even if your office is on the top floor of a sky scraper, you should always pay attention to the warehouse guys. If you visit the regularly, you will remind them that they are not working for a faceless company. Additionally, not only will this boost their morale and assure them that someone pays attention to them but it will likely give you an insight into how smoothly things are running downstairs. Communication is vital!

The Layout

The warehouse layout is of essence. The fact that your workers are well-educated, trained, nurtured and supplied with cutting-edge toolset, doesn’t mean that they will pay too much attention to the warehouse layout (honestly, they might, but there is no guarantee). This is not something unexpected, though – they get paid to work, that’s what they specialize at – they could go over their jobs and perform organization, but this is not in their job description; it is actually in your own.

Tackling the warehouse space management, however, is not something that you’ll want to be trifled with – you do not work here and, even though you pay regular visits, you’re only doing check-ups.

Now, here’s an idea – choose a warehouse worker – the one that’s the most dependable. Now offer them bonus wages for warehouse organization and they’ll most likely accept it.

If you do not have enough space for storing your items, even after you’ve organized it perfectly, think about expanding your warehouse. If not, there are many other storage solutions available out there.

Get Your Eyes and Ears down There

Now, making your presence every now and then is an excellent choice. This, however, serves as a mere review of how productive your warehouse is. In order to remain under complete control, task some of your warehouse employees with remaining in contact with you. Increase their wages a bit and thus ensure their loyalty – they will be your eyes and ears down there and call you in whenever a situation that requires so arises.

Get in touch with your warehouse – decreased productivity can cause lack of customer satisfaction, with both delivery times, as well as many other things, such as product packaging, potential damage, etc. Make your visits regular and make sure that you have your eyes and ears down there. Do not disregard technological upgrades and make the most out of the overtime that you’re offering.

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