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Productive Employee Business Employment 

Best Software and Tools for the Productive Employee

The success of a business primarily depends on its employees. With the help of the right tools, employees can be more efficient. This will result in a more productive work process that can benefit the business as a whole. There will be a positive impact on the revenue and the employees will have a sense of fulfillment knowing that they were a big part of the business success. Here’s a list of the best tools that can make employees more productive: Rescue Time Wasted time is one the main consumers…

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Social Media for Finding Employees Employment Social Media 

Pros & Cons of Using Social Media for Finding Employees

According to Adweek survey, nine out of ten recruiters try to find employees via social media channels. Social media is playing a larger role in the recruiting process. Recruiters in their vast majority also check the profiles of candidates before interviewing.  Eight out of ten check LinkedIn profiles, more than every second check Facebook profiles, and at least four out of ten looks at potential employee’s Twitter account. Employers are advising other networks as well, but on a smaller scale, like Snapchat, Vimeo, Tumblr and Periscope to double-check the info found in…

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Desired Job Employment 

7 Tips For Getting From An Internship To Your Desired Job Position

Almost every successful business person started as an intern. And it isn’t hard to see why. An internship is a great foot in the door if you want to work with a company. At the same time it is far from guaranteed that you’ll end up with the position you’re after when you join up for a summer program. In fact, you’ll probably have some stiff competition. For that reason, you’ve got to take the right approach to converting an internship into something more. Today we’re going to take a…

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