Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps compared to Mobile Apps

Since Google announced that their browser would support service workers and therefore progressive web apps, website owners have been given the option to develop offline websites, add push notification functionality to websites and in general have gained the possibility to create content for the web that looks and feels almost like a native mobile application. […]

Mobile app

How to Launch a Quality Mobile App on Tight Budget

Mobile apps are an excellent investment you can make for your business. According to leading research company Statista, global mobile app revenues were $ 41.1 billion. In 2020, Consumer is projected to spend over $101 billion on mobile apps via play store. That is approx 25% CARG over 4 years. Entrepreneurs and businesses are making […]

App Development Company

8 Guidelines by App Development Company to Ensure Android Code Quality

Today, in the smartphone-driven arena, applications are something that makes people engaged with their smartphone devices. Development of any application is the best result of collaborated work, extensive analysis and eagle-eyed testing. Just as the writers are the authors of the best-selling book similarly, programmers or developers are the authors of the top-notch mobile application. […]