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How To Find Default Gateway And Change The Router Settings

The IP address will fall under IPv4 IPs and it is mainly used for non-public purpose. It is private IP address and it is associated with more numbers of IP ranges. It is highly utilized by the router manufacturers for private networks. It can be modified with the help of network administrator. This specific IP address is used as default gateway in different brands of routers. There is no need to mount DHCP servers and extra switches while using this IP address. You can control the configuration settings of the router which uses this IP as a default gateway.

Short introduction about network routers

In the recent times, more and more people are started to make use of routers. If you have this device in your home, you can obtain plenty of advantages with the use of it. Router assists you to connect and communicate with other computers in an efficient manner. Ethernet and WAN ports are associated with the router. Using the cables, you can connect the router to your computer. Even you can make use of wireless routers where you don’t need to utilize wires anymore. Most of the laptop users are fascinated to use wireless routers in high range. Manufacturers of routes will configure the router with default IP address. It will be mostly private IP address to get rid of network conflicts. Diverse kinds of router brands are accessible in the internet market. You want to find the best one after a brief research on it. In order to change the default settings in your router, you want to know the default gateway.

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Importance of knowing the default IP address

It is really important that you have to know the default gateway to troubleshoot the network problems. Using the default IP address, you can easily get access to your router at any instance. Most of the manufacturers assign the private address as a default gateway in the router. Router makes use of IP address to converse with your local network. Everyone can spot the default gateway within few clicks. It will not take more time and efforts. With the help of internet, you can easily locate the default gateway of different version computers. IP address will never be changed when you did not change the router’s IP address. If your main objective is to access the router, you want to know the default gateway or else you cannot accomplish it.

Discover the default gateway in windows computer

Make use of basic guide available in the online websites to discover the default gateway. Once you find the default IP address, you can modify the network settings as an authenticate user. Simple steps help you to find the default gateway in a short time. If you are using a windows computer, you want to make use of command prompt to determine the default gateway.

  • Click the start button and then enter CMD to open the command prompt.
  • If you face any hassles to locate the command prompt, you can press the combination of Windows key accompanied by R key on the keyboard to open the run menu. After that, you can simply type CMD to open the command prompt.
  • When command prompt is open, you want to type ipconfig and then press enter.
  • You can find a lot of information in the command prompt window. If you scroll down, you can find your default gateway.
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Once you find your default IP, you can open your web browser. Now, you have to enter the IP in the address bar and it takes you to the home page of the router. You have to enter the username and password of your router. You can see login details in your manual guide or else you can search it in the internet for default administrator login information. Once you login with username and password, you can modify the settings of your router as per your needs.

How to locate default IP in Mac OS X?

People who are using Mac OS X can easily locate the default gateway in effort-free steps. For this process, you want to open the terminal application.

  • Users need to click Finder and then Applications.
  • Next, you have to select Utilities and then open
  • You have to type netstat in the terminal window.
  • You will obtain the output with default gateway.

If you locate your default router IP address, you can easily change the settings of your router in a hassle free manner. You want to know your username and password to enter into the router. If you cannot remember your changed password, you want to reset your router. The resetting of your router will help you to get back all default settings of router in an easy way.

Steps to find default gateway in Linux

The process of locating the default IP address in Linux will not take more efforts and time. You just need to execute some simple steps to discover the default gateway in a short time.

  • First, you want to open a terminal as per your Linux distribution.
  • You can make use of menu items to locate the terminal or else you can find it at the bottom of your screen.
  • When your Linux distribution is Fedora, you have to click applications.
  • Then, you need to open the System Tools and Terminal.
  • Users need to type the ip route command on the terminal window.
  • Now, you can acquire the default gateway as the output.
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Using the default IP address, you can configure the settings of your router without any hassles. Type the default gateway at your web browser to open the home page of your router. The settings of the router can be easily changed within simple steps. You have to give a strong password to your router so that it prevents your network from security issues. You can browse in a safe network with the use of private IP address router.

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