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How Cedar Shoe Trees Can Help Extend Shoes Life

Keeping your shoes at its best condition is quite a daunting task especially if you do not have sufficient amount of time to do it. There are different cleaning and maintenance methods that you can try out there but not all of them might work out on your precious pair. Before trying anything out from the internet or from a friend, make sure that you consider the type of materials you have for each pair of shoes in your closet. For instance, leather shoes are quite sensitive to polish and cleaning materials that contain harsh ingredients as it can easily lead them to fading and discoloration.

Aside from cleaning and maintenance, proper storage also plays a vital role in keeping your shoes in good shape and condition.

What are shoe trees?

Shoe trees are somewhat considered as shoe storage device inserted into shoes to maintain their original shape and condition. There are different kinds of shoe trees that come in various style and design to choose from but one of the most popular is cedar shoe trees.

Many shoe professionals recommend cedar shoes better than plastic because of the greater benefits it can offer in preventing your shoes from various damages.

To understand their benefits better, here is a walkthrough on how it works on your shoes:

Prevents Creases and Cracking

Moisture and too much heat have equal damaging effects to your shoes. If you leave your shoes on your doorstep or anywhere down the floor, you are not only giving your pets a chance to play and bite them but you are also storing them at the wrong temperature required.

Allowing an ample amount of air to flow in and out of your shoes after wearing them can be prevent too much heat or moisture build up that could cause cracking and creases that definitely make your shoes appear older than their age.

Double Moisture Protection

Another great benefit of choosing cedar shoe trees is its ability to draw moisture out of your shoe lining twice more than the plastic shoe trees. Moisture can dramatically decrease the lifespan of your shoes and could also cause hygiene issues like foot odor because of the presence of fungi and bacteria inside your shoes.

With the use of cedar shoe trees these issues will be prevented while giving your shoes longer life than expected. Based from NuShoe Inc., “Cedar shoe trees can extend the life of your leather shoes up to three times their expected lifespan”.

Added Comfort

Because it smooth outs the linings and insoles of your shoes, you could also enjoy a more comfortable footwear with cedar tree shoes.

Whether you leave your shoes overnight or for several days, you can be assured that it won’t encounter any wrinkles or creases that can change the way that they fit on you.

Natural Cedar Aroma as Effective Deodorizer

One of the wonders of cedar wood is the natural aroma that it releases that is very beneficial on your shoe storage. Its aroma can help eliminate foul odor that your shoes have acquired after wearing them for a long period of time under the sun or heavy rain.

Its aroma also helps prevent bugs and other insects from staying inside your shoes which could also damage them while in storage.

With the clean and cedar scent that it adds to your footwear, you can feel that you are always wearing a brand new pair fresh from its box.

How to Find a Good One?

You can find a lot of shoe renewal shops that offer cedar shoe trees to customers. The good thing about them is you cannot run out of style and design because some can do a customized design to fit your needs.

If you want a more specific design or style for your own cedar shoes, you can work it out with a local shoe renewal shop of your choice.  You can always discuss with them the design and style you have in mind and ask them if they can do it for you.

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