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How to Create an Effective Tri Fold Brochure Design

Brochures have always been important to the marketing world even with the increased resurgence of websites and other digital communication networks and tools. They can be handed out to prospects during trade shows and meetings thus serving as a valuable reminder later. In fact, customers inquire about something that can be handed out to them, something that provides instant and precise information of what a particular brand, or a specific service/product of that brand, is all about.

The #10 Tri fold brochures are amongst the most used brochures by businesses for various purposes. They are easy to slip into envelopes as well display racks that makes them a good choice of leaving an attractive reminder for the customers to read later. Such is the power of this marketing tool.

Tri fold brochures are effective only when designed correctly. Learn how to make an effective #10 tri fold brochure design to secure your marketing opportunities for later.

Organize content

Bear in mind that the outer flap and back (as center) panel are visible without even the brochure has been opened. Once you open it, start of the inside left as well as inner flap are exposed. The inner flap on far right panel is the last section that will be exposed to the user and is hence often overlooked. If you are to place a critical message, you know it has to be anywhere but the inner flap, far right panel.

Get creative

Do away with stock images and get professional photographers to help you out in the matter. Also, while tri fold brochures may seem to restrict everything in a column-based layout, there’s much more you can do than just that. Nothing else will get bigger than the provided column of text in the panel which gives you space for incorporating graphics that are bleeding off the edge or splash their way to another panel, thereby making your design impactful and creative.

Be careful with the use of 3-panels

The panels on a tri-fold brochure are narrow which makes it a major restraint. It can become a hindrance in placing certain type of content. You need to utilize the inner area wisely in order to place the content that really requires space.

Use the right printer template

If you have a template from your printer, use it. The inner flap is designed in a way that it has to be slightly smaller than brochure’s outer flap. It is done so to ensure that folding and opening it is a neat process. While these details are quite easy to figure out, a template will help ensure if its correct and so match the expectations of the printer.

Set the margins

Margins between panels need to be two times wider than the outer margins. This will give you an equal left and right margin for each panel as the brochure sets into its fold.

Print the final mockup before mass printing

Lastly, when you are done, print the brochure out and fold it. Merely viewing on the screen isn’t a reliable option. Get it printed in full to see how the expected size will turn out to be. It will also help to ensure if panels are in an order and all other elements are well aligned. This goes for all the brochures. If there is a minor mistake, it will affect the entire batch. Save your printing cost by sending an error-free brochure for mass printing.

So the next time you are to design a tri fold brochures, take these considerations into account and design a brochure that is captivating and perfectly delivers the purpose.

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