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How to Turn 1 Idea Into 2 Months of Content Marketing 

There is that range of topics that sit in between a blog post and a book. They’re too big for the former and too small for the latter. As a result, they often end up collecting dust in the back of your mind as you try to figure out what to do with them.

So what do you do when you’ve got one of those ideas? Well, you create two months’ worth of content marketing, that’s what! Series can be an incredibly valuable tool for you create months of content, while also bringing much-needed cohesion to your website. So don’t leave those ideas lying left, instead embrace them and build them into the brand-building series that you’ve been looking for!

Mind map it

The first step is to work out all the facets of the idea that you want to explore. The best way to do that is to mind map it. There is plenty of free software out there that can help you do exactly that. I personally use Free Mind and it’s served me well so far.

What you do is you create sub nodes for every one of the big ideas that you can think of. These will then become the actual posts that you’re going to create. Don’t forget to include an introduction. Shooting off from these nodes you then have the different headings and topics you want to discuss within each of these posts.

Don’t skip this step. The very act of mind mapping what you’re doing will reveal aspects and ideas that might otherwise have escaped you, leading to you restructuring your posts and creating a more complete and overarching outline of your idea. And that will help you a lot when you start writing.

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Work out your keywords

A series is a fantastic opportunity to move into a keyword group and push yourself up in the ranking of the search algorithms, as all the articles in the series link to each other and if one’s a hit, then they’ll drag up the rest of your series as well as a result.

So the next step is to find a long list of keywords that you can spread out over your series. There are a lot of tools that will help you search for what keywords work well. Moz Keyword Explorer lets you explore two at a time for free, which is a bit slow, but can let you at least get to grips with a group of words and which will generate traffic. Then you can divide the best-functioning ones up over your series and make a move to rank there and in the process turn your idea into a potent marketing tool.

Write up the posts

The next step is to write up the posts. It is best to do this all in one fell swoop, as then you’ll be able to modify the texts of earlier posts as you realize in later posts that you missed some vital detail. If you don’t have the time, then it’s worth bringing in professionals, by using a writing service (check this list of writing services and find one that works for you).

Don’t forget to write an introduction as well. This will be where you introduce the series you’re about to create so that people know there will be more articles forthcoming, you cover all the posts you’re going to be writing and you introduce the different themes.

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Set up a publishing routine

Arrange to publish one of your series articles per week, on a given day, so that if it does take off people will come to know when they can expect it. Don’t just publish the series either. It’s probably best to choose some other content to publish on other days in the week.

Yes, you might think your content is the most interesting thing since sliced bread, but that doesn’t mean everybody thinks so. And as such a series can take a long time to put online, if you only publish it you run the risk of losing that part of your audience that isn’t interested in this particular theme.

Market it hard

As you publish it, be sure to market it across your social media platforms. This will get it eyeballs and out there and that is ultimately why you’re writing the thing, isn’t it? What’s more, don’t be afraid to market the different posts several times, as doing so can double the number of people that see your posts.

Besides, you’ve got a great reason to market your posts again, namely to introduce the new post that’s coming tomorrow! So don’t be shy. After all, if people didn’t want to hear about your product and your content marketing, then they wouldn’t be following you on social media.

Last words

Series aren’t just a great tool to make your content creation easier, they’re also a fantastic way to build cohesion and anticipation among your followers. People know what’s coming and if they’re interested in what you’ve said before, that can mean they might actually look forward to what you’re going to put out next – and that’s something that loses posts have a much harder time doing.

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What’s more, in the process of publishing one series you can use the data you’re pulling in to start thinking and pondering how to write the next one up, which will mean there’s a good chance that content will be even better. So stop running around trying to build individual posts. Simplify the process by using series instead.

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