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Router Security – Subnets And IP Addresses

IP address is an easiest way to configure your network and connect to internet. IP address can be of mainly two types – Ipv4 and IPv6 depending on the network configuration and requirement. Each device which connects to internet is assigned an IP address which is a unique IP address. Also there can be two main types of IP address which can be assigned to any device – Public and Private IP address. Public IP addresses are those IP address which helps in connecting a device to outside world and should be of a unique value while a private IP address of any device is mainly assigned for networking within a private network. One can configure system according the requirement of network and compatibility of device. If you are novice network administration but want to know more about Router security, subnet and IP address then you need to be aware about how to differentiate between each one of them and what of security layer can be added using multi-security layer software.

IP Address and security issues

IPv4 address is made of 32 bits in which after conversion and can be used to be represent in the form of bits ( to These identifies are the best ways to connect any device to a specific network. It can be written of any value from 1 to 253. Any value of IP address can be written in the form of value. These addresses should be used mainly for internal and external purposes and one should mainly use them for personal purposes. Any of the IP address which is started from the range 10 can be used in any device. The IP address range is mainly kept under a specific range because rest of the IP address (Class A, Class B and Class C) are mainly kept for private usage only. One of the most common types of IP addresses used for internal purposes is 192.16.X.X IP address which is used mainly for the home network connected devices. Half of the home can easily be connected using the specific IP address range while the rest of the IP range can be used for public IP address.

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One of the best things one can do for enhancement of network is that you need to configure the IP address in your network in order to avoid the damage or security breach, in your network, there is another way to configure your system is by using DHCP server using the router. DHCP server settings can help you configure your network in the form quick where one can easily configure the IP address of router as well.

Subnet for security

One of the most common type of IP address used in the configuration is which helps in configuring the network. IN order to connect your system to network, you need to make sure that your DHCP server or Gateway IP address is properly configured and secure. First thing you need to edit the line entry where is specifically mentioned. Since the complete layer of security can be made properly, you need to make sure that your system is completely safe and secure to be used. Under these conditions, we see that the network configuration is not performed properly and there are always chances that your system gets corrupt or could be hacked easily by a hacker. In such cases, it is important to perform the additional layer of security for Routers and Modems. With the help of the latest information about security and safety, one can easily connected to Internet, you are easiu

Attacks and Vulnerabilities

There are various kinds of attacks possible in your network in cases you are planning to configure a modem or router in network. Regardless of the subnet you are using, any system is likely to get attacked by the vulnerabilities or health problems which could easily attack any system which is configured.

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Find Router’s IP Address

In order to reconfigure your active or system, you need to install the software carefully since one needs to take care of all these things. Finding the IP address of your router is an easy job. There are two maintain types of IP addresses available in the market to set: Private and Public address. Depending on your requirement, you can choose any of the system for practice as well. Now after the IP address of Gateway has been set. You need to make sure that there are certain ways by which you can configure as your IP address of router. One of the easiest ways to do is by checking the network connection status in your system. It can be one of the fastest ways to check the motor IP. Once you open the network and sharing center, you can check the Wireless Network label icon and from there you can easily check the IPv4 network configuration.

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