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Increase Traffic on Blog with Best Possible Ways in 2017

Getting increased traffic is always important no matter if you are running a website or a personal blog. A famous blog directly represents your popularity So you should know that how to operate a blog in proper way. Nothing more pleases blog owners than to get lots of comments and share of their articles. In the case of a business owner, increased traffic can significantly increase the sales. Paying for the increased traffic and starting a few campaigns are a good way to get a higher number of visitors but…

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4 Tactics to Engage People on Your Blog

People who arrive on a blog can expect an engaging experience. The blog owner needs to find creative ways to interact with their audience. The time and efforts they apply to this pursuit can help develop a larger readership. The blog should be a way for visitors to learn new ideas and concepts. Owner can use their blog as a place to expand their relationship with the viewers. Goals Different blogs will have different goals. Each author must decide on what is the purpose of their endeavor. They should take…

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Reduce Your Website’s Bounce Rate Blogging SEO 

How To Reduce Your Website’s Bounce Rate

One of the most misunderstood terms in Google Analytic is Bounce rate. We define bounce rate as the percentage of single page visits or web sessions. It has absolutely nothing to do with the duration an audience spends on a page. A high bounce rate generally means that the page on which a person lands on your website is not relevant to the visitor or that the visitor has not browsed any further from your landing page, instead has closed it to move on to some other website. Therefore a high…

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