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Chatbot for Travel Industry Chatbot Technology 

What’s New in Chatbot for Travel Industry

Chatbot are one of the most innovative discoveries under artificial intelligence regime. It is a revolutionary technique that has helped brands such as Facebook, Amazon, Google & Apple to track client orders in real time. As the scope and influence of technology is increasing chatbots are promising to offer better services in travel industry. Chatbots are becoming more commonplace nowadays particular in the travel industry. The advent of machine learning is yet to leverage the industry with effective advantages that is of course not possible with conventional marketing methods. Machine…

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Tech Startups Startups Technology 

Interesting Tech Startups to be Watch Out in 2017

2017 will see the usage of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for taking the tech landscape by storm, as more and startups will  be based on these emerging technologies. There will be other tech startups in 2017 based on bots, on-demand services and virtual reality. On exploring the internet what was gathered was a list of some of the interesting Tech Startups in 2017: Modsy When you start furnishing your house, a series of questions crops up in your mind, and you need to visualize it as you plan ahead….

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Chatops Chatbot Technology 

How Chatops is Bringing Innovation in Developer’s Way of Working

Marking 2016 as the year of chatbot is probably true as it has seen a number of exceptional technology taking shape for making developers job easy. As it was mentioned earlier that chatbots have benefitted a number of sectors including travel, retail, enterprises; it is sure to get more prominent in 2017. The innovative technology has seen the shifting from point-and -click based apps to chat-based user interfaces. Additionally, software development has also gone through this trend. Chatops, is the term coined by GitHub in 2013 when it created its…

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Enterprise Robotics for 2017 Technology 

Top 10 Predictions for Enterprise Robotics for 2017

It is difficult to bet against the rise of automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robots as it has major impact in the way we learn, shop and play. It is difficult to predict on robotics and the other associated areas of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. But, one thing that remains constant in this entire flux is that robotics has an increased role in business and life. As predicted by the research firm of International Data Corp (IDC) Study, has some of its predictions for worldwide Enterprise Robotics for 2017. IDC…

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