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International Corporate Level Business 

Top 5 Firms That Changed the Picture of India on the International Corporate Level

Having started as a broken nation after its independence from the British rule, today the Indian economy has knocked the sock off of everyone around the world, and has certainly impressed every nation on the globe with its success. Personally, I have similar thoughts about this country that has established a different image in the economic world with its impressive growth rate. Saying that the Indian economy is one of the largest economies in the world and has a notable impact on the world’s economy would not be a candid…

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Marketing Strategies Business 

Marketing Strategies to Adopt From Fortune 500 Companies

As time goes by and the business world continues its migration into a virtual environment, marketing is slowly becoming less of a thing you would once imagine Don Draper doing, and more a matter of cold facts, analytics and statistics. Does the world of SEO, Google ads, and other by-the-numbers marketing strategies allow some deviations and genuine originality? Sure it does, and the Fortune 500 list is filled with companies that brought something new to the marketing table. Let us see if we can learn something from them. Build a…

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