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IP Addresses Internet 

Router Security – Subnets And IP Addresses

IP address is an easiest way to configure your network and connect to internet. IP address can be of mainly two types – Ipv4 and IPv6 depending on the network configuration and requirement. Each device which connects to internet is assigned an IP address which is a unique IP address. Also there can be two main types of IP address which can be assigned to any device – Public and Private IP address. Public IP addresses are those IP address which helps in connecting a device to outside world and…

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Router Settings Internet 

How To Find Default Gateway And Change The Router Settings

The IP address will fall under IPv4 IPs and it is mainly used for non-public purpose. It is private IP address and it is associated with more numbers of IP ranges. It is highly utilized by the router manufacturers for private networks. It can be modified with the help of network administrator. This specific IP address is used as default gateway in different brands of routers. There is no need to mount DHCP servers and extra switches while using this IP address. You can control the configuration settings…

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