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How to Launch a Quality Mobile App on Tight Budget

Mobile apps are an excellent investment you can make for your business. According to leading research company Statista, global mobile app revenues were $ 41.1 billion. In 2020, Consumer is projected to spend over $101 billion on mobile apps via play store. That is approx 25% CARG over 4 years. Entrepreneurs and businesses are making record amount through apps. The cost of the developing an app for the first time can be extortionate for the businesses if they just want to get started and testing the waters in the app…

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10 Points You Must Consider Before Developing an App

Unique and genuine are two characteristic we always try to find in things we seek heartily. The same notion stands true when a smart phone user downloads an app and finds out of the box qualities in it. Everyday countless apps are launched but some see the light of success. Then how can you be sure to developing an app which never dominated the market? Even if your concept is heavy and lucrative, the probability of downloading and using the app depends on various circumstances. 10 sticky notes for developing…

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