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Harassment Business 

How To Make Your Workplace a Harassment-Free Zone

Harassment is a quite a big problem in workplace these days. Whether you are a man or a woman, this problem doesn’t seem to spare anybody. With sick minded people lurking the earth in various kinds and forms, it is difficult for even the employers and business owners to decipher the people who might turn out to be problematic at the first glace since everybody seems like genuinely good people in a single glance while exhibiting their true colors later on. Unfortunately, both for the fellow employees of such an…

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Team Leadership 

7 Ways to Build Trust and Confidence with Your Team

Having a team that has trust and confidence built into it will be significantly more productive and creative than one that’s unhappy and cynical. Many companies can have this problem for decades if they don’t institute a culture change to bring in and foster the right attitudes. Once a team no longer trusts management, and vice versa, it’s hard to bring back the same group of people and expect different results. So how do you foster the right attitudes that are confident and trust worthy? Well, the first step is…

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