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Register Under MCA ROC Finance 

Companies Must Register Under MCA/ROC to Do Business in the Country

Registering the company or business with the local or state government is a crucial part in operating the business. Unless and until a business is registered with the government, they cannot create a business bank account for their business which is necessary for any business because it differentiates the personal and business assets. While applying a loan, the investors or the lenders want a proof that the business owner is operating a legal business, so showing the business registration certificate will help in acquiring the loan without any haste. Even…

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Financial Advisor Business Finance 

Time to Call in a Financial Advisor to Help Your Business Grow

The first steps towards starting your own business will be the most crucial and often most demanding ones. When you feel like you have exhausted all your methods to help your business get going, and you see that the only way out is a miracle with finances, perhaps, it is time to call in a professional. Financial advisors will be able to help with allocating the resources where they are needed the most and figuring out a way to give your business a fighting a chance and to be able…

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4 marketing mistakes that will cost you your startup money Finance Startups 

4 Marketing Mistakes That Will Cost You Your Startup Money

This is the age of both low budget and high budget startups. Not all startups are the same but the pattern of mistakes made by every startup is somewhat common. Therefore before you attempt a startup you should be acquainted with the most common and the biggest marketing mistakes which will cost you your precious money. 1. Not keeping an account of your CPA rate CPA is cost per acquisition. As an amateur it’s impossible to know the best way for acquiring customers or growing your user base. Do not…

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