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Developing Good Habits Infographic 

7 Steps to Developing Good Habits [ Infographic ]

There are times when no matter how hard you try, you seem to be faced with a string of bad luck. While some people will just sit back and curse the bad luck that befell on them, others take it constructively. For the latter, they interpret it as taking a detour instead of following a straight path. If you are a positive thinker and enjoy overcoming challenges, you’ll definitely come out the winner in life’s struggles. However, if you are a weak-willed person, even the smallest bump on the road…

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Infographic SEO 

Importance of SEO Marketing for Startups [ Infographic ]

Startups, in the current scenario, can only hope to succeed if they can increase their searchability and visibility online by employing effective and search engine approved SEO techniques. Leveraging the right SEO technology offers several benefits including improved searchability, higher SERPs and targeted marketing to reach out to the customers at a time when they are most likely to act on your call. Why SEO? Understanding Search Engine Optimization strategies is indispensable for startups (as well as established companies) that want to sustain in the constantly evolving and ever growing…

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Android Infographic 

Lip Smacking Evolution of Android [ Infographic ]

Android is a popular mobile operating system developed by Google. Being versatile, highly intuitive and user friendly, it is considered as the widely preferred mobile OS in the world. From Cupcake, Jellybean and Gingerbread to the latest edition, Nougat, Updates of Goggle to the Android versions have taken us through a sweet journey of evolution. Android 1.5, which is otherwise known as the Cupcake update made this OS compatible with a wide assortment of widgets and apps. Android has a huge database and with updates on monthly basis that are…

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