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What is Swift Programming? Why It’s Popular Apps Technology 

What is Swift Programming? Why It’s Popular?

Being a latest and trending language, Swift is becoming the prime choice of iOS developers. Apple released Swift in 2014 and major benefit of using the object oriented language is – you can avoid Objective C to develop an iOS app. Swift supports implication and it does not require the types to be specified while declaring a value or variable. It is a language that is specially designed for secure coding because it easily eliminates all insecure code classes and ensures secure coding environment to create a stable solution. Swift…

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hiring a mobile app developer Apps Freelancing Mobile 

Tips to Follow While Hiring a Mobile App Developer for Certain Outcomes

Giving shape to a dream needs a skilled artist. The same applies for the developing an app. One in every ten persons is now a developer. It is quite tough to find a proper mobile app developer these days. There are contractors as well as freelance developers ready to work. Individual developer demands lesser than a company but the approach to build a mobile app will be completely different. Other than the factors like budget and feasibility there are parameters to consider for hiring someone for mobile app development. 1….

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