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Security Tips for Small Businesses Business 

Affordable Security Tips for Small Businesses

With all the recent cyber attacks, large corporations are all too aware of the threat the internet and technology can pose. However, large corporations are not the only businesses that need to implement online and technological security measures. Small businesses and startups are increasingly becoming targets for cyber attacks. This is likely because they usually have poorer or fewer security features in place than large businesses. A major reason for this deficiency of security is the cost. Decent security features can be too expensive for startups or small businesses. That…

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Small Businesses Business 

Brexit and Visa Changes That Will Affect Small Businesses

23rd of June 2016, the date that will go down in history as the day the British public made the hugely significant decision to leave the European Union. This was a huge shock worldwide and created shockwaves from China to America. The people of Britain were of course the ones that were affected by it the most and it was recorded that books relating to legal citizenship saw a 200% spike in sales as EU nationals living in the country were eccentrically trying to improve their knowledge on whether they…

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