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Startup Startups 

5 Most Creative Startup Financing Methods

Even the smallest of startups may require some serious initial capital. When faced with this problem, most startups go to a bank and apply for a loan. Sure, this is the easiest way, but definitely not the best one. First of all, unless you have a positive credit rating or a really fascinating business plan, the chances are you won’t get what you’re asking for. Luckily for you, there are many more creative ways of obtaining these funds and here are five of them. Keeping a Day-Job Unless the nature…

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Marketing Tips to Follow Successful Startup Startups 

3 Easy Marketing Mantras to Follow for Successful Startups

Startups or entrepreneurial ventures are emerging and evolving every day. New ideas and concepts are cooked to stay ahead of the curve and create a new dimension. But not every venture succeeds in the market. There are overlooked important factors and circumstances that pull back the growth of the new business. Marketing, the most important tool Marketing is the key mantra to run the business successfully and make it a standing out name in the competition. Proper marketing brings all startup to a comfortable zone of loyal customers and profit….

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