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Progressive Web Apps compared to Mobile Apps

Since Google announced that their browser would support service workers and therefore progressive web apps, website owners have been given the option to develop offline websites, add push notification functionality to websites and in general have gained the possibility to create content for the web that looks and feels almost like a native mobile application. While Google have attempted to narrow the gap between what users experience when visiting websites and navigate mobile applications, there are still some obvious differences. But overall, the search company have done quite well in…

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Top 5 Apps to Track down Your Stolen Laptop Apps 

Top 5 Apps to Track down Your Stolen Laptop

Laptop is a very important thing in our life. Today’s life it is a very essential to our daily life. Laptop helps us many ways. Now a day’s maximum numbers of people are using laptop. We can easily carry it. And move it from one place to another place easily. Many kind of stylish laptop is available on market now a day. It is being a fashion in this generation. Many people are using the laptop for surfing. Laptop is used for various purposes. Now a day’s laptop is using…

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