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Tips to Avoid Common Mistakes in Home Decor

We can give the amazing touch of beauty to any space with proper placement of things, selecting some suitable style and adding up our personal taste. Looking good is everyone’s goal today since there are a number of practices one needed to adopt for getting this dream come true. Similarly having an elegant look in home with classy interior touch is hot cake for which almost every class of families is in race. From doors to windows and from carpet to furniture, people try to select eye catching and unique looking stuff for their homes no matter how costly it can be. Smart are the people who cut their home décor expenses by choosing the right options for each and every segment of home décor and home improvement.

An old myth clarifies this concept very well “if a house could get royal look just by putting too much costly goods, then a furniture warehouse would be the prettiest place on earth. Buying and keeping expensive furniture and other household things for display may not deliver such a look which a house can have by simply placing the average priced normal things at right place properly! Here are a few common mistakes in home décor and tips to avoid those. Let’s view in details which are the common details and how to avoid those. It all depends upon you how you like to decorate your home with useful furniture items. Some people use wall mirrors, bathroom wall mirrors in bathroom, kitchen and bedroom for the elegance as well as usability point of view. Beautiful frame of wall mirrors gives fantastic impression. Glass and mirror products occupy lesser space yet gives bigger benefits in routine life. Using glass and Mirror products for home décor can be a cost effective idea which will bring ease and comfort in your life permanently.

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Unfitting Furniture


You bought the most expensive furniture available in the store for your home but still it is not giving that graceful appearance which you supposed at the time of buying.


One thing you should keep in mind at the time of buying furniture and other household item is that, high price is not everything. In fact, you need to know if these objects have some harmony with the other items you already have in your room/ home. Buying golden color quoted chairs for a brown dining table would be weird of course. You should use mirrors carefully in accordance with the wall size, shape and type of room i.e. whether it is kitchen or bathroom.

Size and Space


You didn’t miss even a single furniture item still it is not looking like how you wished it to be. Even you’ve ordered some exceptional bits and pieces too but seems something is still absent.

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Whoa! Everything is not for every room, keep it in mind. You can give your home completely unique and modish impression by placing a few inescapable particulars with the proper understanding of usage and size of your home. You won’t have any need to gather all the stuff rather it’s useful for your or not. Sometimes just adding up a frameless glass shower door is enough for the entirely changed look of your bathroom.

The Color Scheme Matters a lot:


You’ve ordered all the colors of curtails, expensive carpets, sofa sets and other items still your home is failed to give impressions you’re determined for.


It’s up to you either you like to portray your home is a jungle book by gathering all the stuff here and there without any hierarchy and harmony, or you stick around your one or two favorite colors and patterns and show excellence in it. Otherwise it can give messy and stifling look which you don’t wish to have obviously.

I’m Stone Sarah a passionate writer, blogger and social activist. I write home improvement, home decor, fitness, lifestyle, tech, SEO and well being niche because I believe sharing is caring.

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I'm Stone Sarah a passionate writer, blogger and social activist. I write home improvement, home decor, fitness, lifestyle, tech, SEO and well being niche because I believe sharing is caring.