10 Interesting Android Apps You Might Not Be Aware Of

Some of the most common Android apps like, WhatsApp, Facebook, and YouTube, can be found in everybody’s Mobile app. No wonder they are quite useful, with messaging, watching videos, and social interaction, all at your fingertips. However, there are many other apps, which may interest you. However, you never got a chance to come across such apps. A few of such awesome android apps are listed here, along with their uses and benefits.

1. Cartoon Network TV App

Imagine your children are getting bored while you are on a long drive. They are not letting you drive peacefully. This app can entertain your children while you are on a long drive. The Cartoon Network Video App has the entire inventory of all popular Cartoon Network TV shows. You may either stream shows directly to your device or may download the previous episodes, the very next day after its telecast on TV. Your child can enjoy his favorite Ben 10 show while you are driving.

2. Unified Remote

This is an app, which can turn your Android phone into a remote control for your PC or laptop. You may use your mouse, keyboard, screen mirror, and more on your laptop or PC using this Android app on your mobile device. It also allows configuration for Netflix and Spotify. You may remotely change a song, or turn down the volume for a movie playing on your laptop, through this app.

3. Sling Live TV App

Sling Live TV has launched a free app. It offers the whole television experience on mobile devices. You may watch TV shows on your mobile, in the same capacity, without any interference from your cable operator. This means, you can watch ESPN, breaking news, movies, and more, on your mobile device. You need not to miss your favorite TV shows while you are traveling. You may take a small break at your workplace, in between your work schedules, to follow a cricket match.

4. Hooks

Do you wish to get notifications on things which you care about? With an Android app called ‘Hooks’, you may get notifications on anything that interests you. It could be about cricket matches, breaking news, celebrities, or food. Instead of browsing for information individually, you may just set up to get notifications for all these, through this app.

5. Spotify

This is a must-have app for music lovers. You may now listen to your favorite artist, or your favorite album, or one of your favorite tracks, with just a few touches on your mobile device. You may search for a particular track, based on artist and album options. However, you will not be able to listen to it at a stretch, due to interrupting adverts. With a premium subscription, you can get rid of such interruptions and enjoy the music nonstop.

6. Strava

This is an encouraging too if you are a runner or a cyclist The app lets you create routes, find and follow routes, and track your speed, distance, pace and elevation. You can get a boost for your activity, only when it is competitive. Apart from your own records, you can also track records of others’ and benchmark yourself against other runners and cyclists. With a premium subscription, you can track your daily progress, and your day to day individual performance, and your performance against other cyclists and runners.

7. Evernote

This is the very first and the top class of its kind, for note-taking. The app serves as the best tool during meetings. You can have multiple notebooks for keeping all your thoughts organized. You can also have a ‘to-do list’ for different days and dates. It has a powerful search option to easily find specific notes. It moves a little farther than a normal note taking. You may share your notes with your peers and also collaborate it with projects. You can also track your expenses and attach files to your notes.

8. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a portal for students pursuing higher education in science, math, physics, history, arts, economics, philosophy, and more. Now they have launched an app to offer the most convenient learning experience to their users. They update the apps on a regular basis so that their users can get access to more than 10,000 videos, right on their mobile device.

9. Skyscanner

Flights are sometimes a very expensive travel option. With this app, you may get to buy air tickets for as cheap as possible price. It offers price comparison on the basis of dates, destination, and the available deals. When you are considering going on a holiday, and you are not sure about a destination yet, then you have the option to choose ‘Everywhere’, through which you can compare and choose to buy air tickets for a destination at the cheapest price. The app also gives options to filter prices based on the type of class, airline, time of landing, and later dates.

10. All recipes dinner spinner

Not knowing what to cook? Do your children and husband demand for a new recipe every day? This app is the one stop cooking solution. All you need to do is to simply select a meal type, i.e. snack or dinner, and then add ingredients which you currently have in your home, like eggplant or apple. You can also select the time you can afford for preparation. The app will throw some of the interesting recipes, based on your search parameters. You may also select the recipes based on comments from other users who have already tried those.

The above-mentioned apps are only a few of the long list of interesting Android apps. You may want to look for more such apps, which can offer numerous benefits, to ease your day to day life. They also offer you some of the most convenient benefits, without which you might be finding your daily activities quite complex.

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