10 Productivity Apps that Every Salespeople Must Have

Apps like these are game changers to productivity as it will help them stay on top of things and as technology and productivity apps category get deeper.

“What new technology does is create new opportunities to do a job that customers want done” –Tim O’ Reilly

Without a doubt, salespeople are some of the busiest persons in the corporate world. They are perpetually on the go. It is either they are meeting prospective clients, breaking a potential sale, flying out to give a slide presentation, running to a team training—these are quite a lot to take in and even the most meticulously organized salesperson would have his or her work cut out for them with so much to remember.

As salespeople are constantly inundated with tasks, mobile access to sales systems via applications are not just something they can show off and add to their apps library—these are essential to their everyday operations. These are the very apps that would enable them to work not only productively, but efficiently as well and with these apps, they can guarantee that work produced by them is of optimal quality.  Apps like these are game changers to productivity as it will help them stay on top of things and as technology and productivity app category get deeper with new apps cropping up every now and then, doing business and sales will be a lot easier for these professionals.

10 of the Best Productivity Apps for Salespeople:

1. Evernote


When it comes to productivity, the Evernote app is practically the first on every mobile app user’s list. The app itself is like an overhauled and modernized organizer that would fit inside your pocket. It has everything you would potentially need for your meetings, presentations, and conference. With its limitless potential for getting things done, Evernote has been dubbed as the most widely used app for productivity. As this is the case, it is an indispensable tool for any salesperson.

2. Dropbox


If you do not have a laptop which you can take with you on the go, it is almost inconceivable to send or receive large files sans Dropbox. This app has been widely used not only by salespeople and business professionals, but university students have widely taken advantage of it as well and for good reason. Dropbox enables you to receive and send large files on its mobile app. With this, you are guaranteed to never see a “this file is too large to send” message from your phone.

3. CamScanner

CamScanner is an app available for free and is rather well-known for salespeople who would need to keep track of paper documents. It is rather easy to use and is able to scan any document into PDF directly. Additionally, it can perform OCR (Optical Character Recognition) on your scanned documents so you can sift important details such as titles, prices, dates, and details. Batch scanning would not be a challenge and your collated files are all neatly organized for retrieval later.

4. Wunderlist


This cloud-based, task management app has been named 2015’s mobile app of the year and for good reason. It has very versatile features and array of functions that would contribute to productivity. Features such as adding files, taking notes, delegating other to-dos and sub-tasks are just a few of Wunderlist’s features.

5. Camcard


Throughout their years in craft and their profession, salespeople would collect innumerable business cards. Unfortunately, being constantly on the go presents a very realistic risk wherein they may lose these business cards or leave them at hotels. As a result, potential prospects and clients would be lost. Through CamCard, you can digitize cards with a simple photo and it would automatically save the information to your phone’s contacts.

6. Dragon


Meetings and conferences are all corporate activities where salespeople are expected to take notes and minutes. However, this can become a rather tedious task rather quick. If you are not a fan of written notes, mobile app Dragon has you covered as it automatically translates voice memos, text messages and emails into text making your pen relatively superfluous on corporate meetings.

7. eSignature app

It is a salesperson’s penultimate task to have a prospect ready to commit and sign to a contract. To collate signatures and make sure this do not get lost along the way, eSignature systems such as DocuSign and Adobe EchoSign have been devised. If your organization utilizes this, have the corresponding app enabled on your mobile as this will be useful in having prospects sign wherever, whenever and however.

8. Mind Tools


Salespeople would constantly need to build on their business skills which will enable them to perform better, optimize their work and have more prospective clients. Mind Tools is a great mobile app for Salespeople who feel like they have room for improvement. Skills can be built through mini articles on leadership, communication, and decision-making among others.

9. Google Apps for Work

Communication, Collaboration, Storage, and Management are all key factors Google Apps for Work has considered. This mobile app has tons of productivity potential considering how expansive its scope is. Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Forms, Admin, etc.—these are just a fraction of the things you can tinker with at Google Apps. Additionally, approximately five million users are utilizing Google Apps and undoubtedly, some of them are in the same line of profession as you are.

10. Vender

Vender app is a fresh and unique lead management mobile app which salespeople can utilize to manage both leads and tasks at the same time. It allows you to note down all of the activities you have done for a particular lead from leading to closing the deal. The information you note down on a particular lead allows the app to assess and inform you whether a lead is worth pursuing or not. It is quite handy especially for salespeople who have the propensity of holding on to unprofitable leads.

10 of the Best Productivity Apps for Salespeople

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