Ten Points to make You believe SEO is like Fitness

Let’s start with a simple question: Can we get the perfect figure overnight by exhaustive workouts? Your obvious answer would be- NO! Okay. Now a bit difficult one: Can we rank well in search engines promptly through extensive SEO efforts? The answer to this question is the same- a big NO! So, how about comparing both search engine optimization and fitness for they look identical in many ways.

The SEO is not dead! On the contrary, the domain is flourishing as more and more corporate websites are added, and entrepreneurs want to place their websites on top SERPs. Similarly, the number of fitness freaks is growing day by day who want to stay fit and healthy. Today, therefore, SEO professionals and Fitness instructors face the same difficulty in handling the situation when a client asks for guaranteed results.

Here are ten SEO aspects that have a striking similarity with fitness:

1. Execution is the key

In both SEO and fitness training, starters require proper planning and execution. After all, it is the client who has to work hard either for improving the site or burning the fat.

2. Long-term plan

Both areas require stamina and a long-term plan. One-off optimization and one intense training session can bring the optimum result that can remain for a long time providing continual efforts.

3. No short cuts

Both serious athletes and SEO professionals will agree to the fact that there are no short cuts for gaining positive outcome over an extended period. No magic wand can convert a fat person into an athlete and can get high ranking for a poor website. In both the cases, results require vigorous and dedicated efforts.

4. Nutrition requirement

Poor nutrition can fail the best planned and executed training regimen of an athlete. Similarly, low-quality link building can hamper on-page optimization campaign. Links are the lifeblood for a website, and just like poor eating habits, bad links can negatively impact the performance of a business website.

5. High efforts

An athlete with a perfect mesomorphic body and a website with a unique sales position are rare. Therefore, focused and continuous efforts are necessary to remain in the competition.

6. First experience is frustrating

When people start fitness exercise, and entrepreneurs start optimizing their websites for the first time, it is always frustrating and nerve-racking. However, we should not put a full stop there because there is always a chance that someone else or your competitor’s website can do better if you stop putting your efforts.

7. Motivation makes the difference

Motivation helps athletes and SEO professionals deal with short-term or initial hiccups. Organic SEO efforts and rigorous workouts require a little motivation because we need to wait for a long time in getting the desired results in both the cases.

8. Regular measuring is necessary

In both scenarios, we need to measure the efforts on a regular basis. Success cannot be sustained without studying metrics and current trends in both fitness and SEO.

9. Little extra for initial phase

Just like a physical exercise, search engine optimization requires little extra efforts at the initial level along with a few basic tools. Later on, both these segments require more advanced equipment to continue the process. For example, an advanced heart rate monitor is necessary for an athlete and SEOProfiler is necessary for a professional SEO process.

10. Rule of thumb

In both SEO and sports, the rule of thumb is: just don’t fall for a special offer. Just stick to the basics and remain confident while chasing your goal.

Finally, as fitness enables an athlete to minimize the health risks while remaining strong, the long-term organic techniques for SEO facilitate entrepreneurs to mitigate website-related risks as they can keep focusing on the right objective.

It is good to relate search engine optimization and fitness in one more thing: when both of them become a habit and a part of the routine, chances are getting brighter for achieving success more than expectations.

That’s it for now. As a conclusive remark, it is fair to mention that either you have a customized business website or you want a strong and healthy body, it’s always better to start early to stay ahead!


Editorial Staff at Techlofy is a team of Digital Marketing experts led by Ashfaq Ahmad.

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