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reduce bounce rate Blogging SEO 

How To Reduce Your Website’s Bounce Rate

One of the most misunderstood terms in Google Analytic is Bounce rate. We define bounce rate as the percentage of single page visits or web sessions. It has absolutely nothing to do with the duration an audience spends on a page. A high bounce rate generally means that the page on which a person lands on your website is not relevant to the visitor or that the visitor has not browsed any further from your landing page, instead has closed it to move on to some other website. Here are…

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Content Marketing Tips to Make Establish Your Personal Brand Blogging Content Marketing 

4 Content Marketing Tips to Make Establish Your Personal Brand

Every now and then we hear about the bloggers making their impression in the digital world. A successful content writer has his or her own power of attractive and appealing contents that draws the line between commoners and winners. As of now the scenario has changed a bit. Not only possessing the sharp edge does not make you heartthrob anymore. You need to know certain things and design proper strategies to make your content writing venture successful. 4 ways to establish your content brand Viewers hunt for good information and…

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mobile technology for business Business Tips & Advice 

6 Benefits Of Mobile Technology For Business Improvement

According to a recent study, it became evident that small businesses greatly rely on mobile technology for their improvement. According to the 2013 AT&T Small Business Technology Survey, 85% of small businesses use smart phones. Therefore mobile technology has become an integral part of the business world. Let us now analyze ways in which you can use this technology for business improvement. 1. Make your website mobile friendly Most customers are more interested in placing orders on a mobile rather than on a PC or a desktop as it is…

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Top 5 Apps to Track down Your Stolen Laptop Apps 

Top 5 Apps to Track down Your Stolen Laptop

Laptop is a very important thing in our life. Today’s life it is a very essential to our daily life. Laptop helps us many ways. Now a day’s maximum numbers of people are using laptop. We can easily carry it. And move it from one place to another place easily. Many kind of stylish laptop is available on market now a day. It is being a fashion in this generation. Many people are using the laptop for surfing. Laptop is used for various purposes. Now a day’s laptop is using…

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4 marketing mistakes that will cost you your startup money Digital Marketing 

4 Marketing Mistakes That Will Cost You Your Startup Money

This is the age of both low budget and high budget startups. Not all startups are the same but the pattern of mistakes made by every startup is somewhat common. Therefore before you attempt a startup you should be acquainted with the most common and the biggest marketing mistakes which will cost you your precious money. 1. Not keeping an account of your CPA rate CPA is cost per acquisition. As an amateur it’s impossible to know the best way for acquiring customers or growing your user base. Do not…

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Android Tools for Developers Tips & Advice 

6 Must-Have Android Tools for Developers

Being a proficient mobile app developer, you can’t overlook the importance of having all the latest app development tools and technologies. And, if you are missing any single efficient tool, then you are missing a lot in your Android app development skills. Let’s take a look on the 6 crucial android tools for developers: 1. Fluid UI Fluid UI is one of the popular online mobile app development prototyping and storyboarding tools. It offers users to collaborate native-looking mock-ups. Today almost 300,000 designers are using Fluid UI for enhancing and…

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Marketing Tips to Follow Successful Startup Digital Marketing 

3 Easy Marketing Mantras to Follow for Successful Startups

Startups or entrepreneurial ventures are emerging and evolving every day. New ideas and concepts are cooked to stay ahead of the curve and create a new dimension. But not every venture succeeds in the market. There are overlooked important factors and circumstances that pull back the growth of the new business. Marketing, the most important tool Marketing is the key mantra to run the business successfully and make it a standing out name in the competition. Proper marketing brings all startup to a comfortable zone of loyal customers and profit….

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What is iOS? Why it’s so popular? Apps Tech 

What is iOS? Why it’s So Popular?

When the word “App” comes, the first thing that clicks to user’s mind is iOS devices (iPhone, iPod and iPads) launched by Apple. From then Apps and the branding platform iOS have become inseparable. And, in last few years, the iOS (iPhone, iPod and iPad) App Store has met a new landmark and is offering everything any business be it start-up or big brand needs. According to Statista in July 2015 – Apple’s App Store has approx. 1.5 million available apps. Apple’s iOS is operating system that easily runs on…

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SEO in Increasing Profit of Your Company SEO 

The Role of SEO in Increasing Profit of Your Company

SEO stands for Search engine optimization. Normally, when a business goes well, the company would like to go into internet marketing as the next move. During such times, the company seeks the help of a SEO consultancy. Search engine optimization is a process of modifying your website in such a way that there is more internet traffic and thus there is more exposure. This will naturally lead to more sales and thus more profit. Three basic tasks of an SEO expert There are three basic things that a SEO consultant will do. First of…

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Social Media Strategy in 2016 Social Media 

6 Tips to Improve Your Social Media Strategy in 2018

One only survives if he can evolve and adapt. The online business is continuously evolving giving birth to new concepts. The more innovative the concepts are the more likely the venture is going to survive. One of the important marketing mixes in online business is social media. It is not a secret. The most cost effective way of promoting a business is via this medium. There are certain techniques to pull more mass towards you. Best ways to improve your social media strategy in 2018 This year rethinking the strategy…

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