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Tax Preparation Mobile Apps of 2016 Apps 

Top 5 Tax Preparation Mobile Apps of 2018

Learn which of these mobile apps suits you best for filing your income tax return and tracking your tax refund. Tax is defined as an fee charged by government on a product, income or activity. If the tax is charged directly on personal or corporate income, then it is called direct tax. If Tax is charged on the price of a good or service then it is called an indirect Tax. The purpose of taxation is to finance government expenditure. The term application is a shorter form of application program….

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Long Tailed Keywords Blogging SEO 

How to Find Long Tailed Keywords

This complete aide manages knowing how to do Long-tail catchphrases research for SEO. Which is particularly critical for another online journal? Gracious! Hold up a moment. Before plunging into the aide, for the individuals who don’t comprehend what catchphrase examination is, read the beneath paragraph. The procedure of discovering such basic hunt questions is called watchword research. On the off chance that you need to offer something, you ought to just have a damn decent item! What’s more, you ought to be very much aware of what your item or…

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Apple Apps Apps Technology 

5 Apple Apps That Would Be Great To Have On Android

Apple apps – With technology improving at a faster pace no doubt that you must upgrade your phone to match up these technologies. Talking about phone, it is Apple, Android and Windows that is ruling the market today. However, there are few amazing apple apps that would be great to have on Android. Designed by talented developers, these apps are far better than apps that any Smartphone can have. Right from amazing music platform till the great picture collage, with such apps you can do many things and thus improve…

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Mobile Apps to Market Your Business Apps Business Technology 

How to Leverage Mobile Apps to Market Your Business?

Today in this modernistic world, almost every individual is resorting to their mobile devices in order to make transactions online. Be it small-scale business entrepreneurs or large sized business units, everyone is performing online transactions, like buying selling marketing etc. The need of the hour, therefore, is to develop a mobile app for your business and promote it through the same using multifarious ways. In fact, doing business online can be a boon for all the working people where they can pay or earn on the spur of the moment….

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Startup Risk Analysis Business Startups 

Why Startup Risk Analysis is Crucial – Robert J. Sherwood

Risk analysis is the key stage for every startup which should be carried out before launch. But often, almost all entrepreneurs miss this crucial exercise by mistake or in a hurry to launch the startup. Experts say risk identification at early stage helps smooth running of your business. The fact is that many entrepreneurs are still unaware of importance of risk analysis which may create potential threat to their business future. Even many incubation institutes also skips it from basic incubation coerces they offer. Sir Robert James Sherwood, a famous…

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e-commerce store Business 

Setting Up An E-Commerce Store – What You Should Know

Having an E-Commerce website can bring you some steady extra income each month, because the E-Commerce sales are on the rise on a global level. Thousands of people are doing it every day, so why not get your piece of the cake? Internet shopping cannot be considered a trend no more, because it has become a normal way of purchasing goods for those who have an access to the Web. According to eMarketer, the global retail sales will increase to reach $28 trillion by 2018. Setting up an E-Commerce store…

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Blogging Blogging 

How To Make Money From Blogging in 2018

According to a survey of 1,000 bloggers by, conducted in 2012, 81% of bloggers never make even $100 from blogging, while only 17% of them are able to support their family or sustain their lifestyle with their blogs. The remaining 2% make more than $150K by blogging less than 2 hours a day. When it comes to professional blogging, there are two main approaches to it: a) Start your own blog from scratch b) Be an employed blogger for an established site or company or a freelancer. The second…

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Users Hate Your Mobile App Apps Mobile Technology 

Six Reasons That Will Make Users Hate Your Mobile App

Today millions of apps are present in mobile space. And, everyday hundreds of applications are launched frequently at the App Store and App marketplaces. So, the question is – will all these mobile apps get the successful response from app user? – And, the answer is No. The success of any mobile application depends on how effectively it is adapted by the users. However, there are no fixed strategies available in the market to predict the magnitude of success of any mobile app. But sometimes the case becomes worse, when…

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Marketing Strategies Business 

Marketing Strategies to Adopt From Fortune 500 Companies

As time goes by and the business world continues its migration into a virtual environment, marketing is slowly becoming less of a thing you would once imagine Don Draper doing, and more a matter of cold facts, analytics and statistics. Does the world of SEO, Google ads, and other by-the-numbers marketing strategies allow some deviations and genuine originality? Sure it does, and the Fortune 500 list is filled with companies that brought something new to the marketing table. Let us see if we can learn something from them. Build a…

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Developing an App AppDev Apps Technology 

10 Points You Must Consider Before Developing an App

Unique and genuine are two characteristic we always try to find in things we seek heartily. The same notion stands true when a smart phone user downloads an app and finds out of the box qualities in it. Everyday countless apps are launched but some see the light of success. Then how can you be sure to developing an app which never dominated the market? Even if your concept is heavy and lucrative, the probability of downloading and using the app depends on various circumstances. Top 10 sticky notes for…

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