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Promoting Mobile Applications ASO 

10 Proven Practices for Promoting Mobile Applications

Promoting mobile apps for free is not an easy task. Some may think that after they develop and publish their apps on AppStores it will just sky rocket without any hard work at all. The truth of the whole thing is that, development and publishing is just half of the task while the remaining half is promotion. According to the Forester Research study, around 63% of new app installs come from surfing through the app stores. Whether it is general browsing or searching inside the store, users have numerous options…

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Small Businesses Business 

Brexit and Visa Changes That Will Affect Small Businesses

23rd of June 2016, the date that will go down in history as the day the British public made the hugely significant decision to leave the European Union. This was a huge shock worldwide and created shockwaves from China to America. The people of Britain were of course the ones that were affected by it the most and it was recorded that books relating to legal citizenship saw a 200% spike in sales as EU nationals living in the country were eccentrically trying to improve their knowledge on whether they…

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Mobile app Tips & Advice 

How to Launch a Quality Mobile App on Tight Budget

Mobile apps are an excellent investment you can make for your business. According to leading research company Statista, global mobile app revenues were $ 41.1 billion. In 2020, Consumer is projected to spend over $101 billion on mobile apps via play store. That is approx 25% CARG over 4 years. Entrepreneurs and businesses are making record amount through apps. The cost of the developing an app for the first time can be extortionate for the businesses if they just want to get started and testing the waters in the app…

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App Development AppDev 

Major Aspects to Follow Before You Go for App Development

Today, enterprises, organizations, individuals and many other have identified apps a medium to extend their reach to the masses they are going to woo. The major reason behind this is the convenience their audience looks for and if something that users need is available at a few taps away then why not they will embrace it. Therefore, those who dream to get success through an app and want to serve their distinct purposes jump into app development without taking a note of a few major aspects linked with app development….

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on-demand delivery mobile app Tips & Advice 

What is the Cost of an On-Demand Delivery Mobile App?

We all have learnt by heart the success stories of startups like Airbnb, Uber, Foodpanda etc. One thing is common between all these startups; they all work with a single aim – to deliver door-to-door and on-demand services to people across the globe. Since last few years, on-demand delivery apps have been the center of attraction. Right from ride booking to food ordering, everything is on your finger tips. This article is much about on-demand delivery app development and how does the cost vary if additional features are added to…

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Litigation Support Business 

The Importance of Litigation Support

When an attorney needs consultation and support in regard to their current and/or pending cases, litigation support is hired. There is a variety of types of support services and they depend on the needs of the attorney in question. The Knowledge Required The best way to explain what a litigation support expert does is by reviewing what it means to be a Legal Technology Expert. These professionals are the very foundation of litigation support and their knowledge is expansive and complex, covering a great deal of legal fields. The knowledge…

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Social-Media Viewers for Your Startup Social Media 

10 Ideas to Raise Social-Media Viewers for Your Startup

No matter at what stage your startup business is in, you will always need to begin or advance to improve your social media audience. Higher are the people you can connect on social media naturally and through promotion, bigger will be your launch and sales. Here are some 10 best tips for developing audience to your startup on the three top social networks, beginning with strategies familiar to all of them. 1. Create strong social profiles and pages The opening point for developing your fans on any social network is…

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Instagram Stories Social Media 

7 Tremendous Tips on Instagram Stories That Can Magnify Your Reach & Visibility

Recently an exciting new feature was launched by the Facebook-owned photo app Instagram. This new feature –Instagram Stories allows users to share all the moments that happened in a day. Seriously, besides profile photos, you can share unlimited images and videos (together) in a slideshow format along with infusing your creativity. Also, you can use drawings and text to describe your story in many ways, and your followers and friends can see this. However, these videos and pictures will vanish from the profile grid after 24 hours. Enhancing Your Followers…

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high quality images for your wordpress WordPress 

5 Stunning Places to Find Free Images for your WordPress Website in 2018

According to Lindon Leader, a web design should strive for two things – clarity and simplicity. There is a hardly any difference between establishing a brand identity and planning out a website. Before introducing your brand to the world, there are tons of important questions that need to be tackled and the same rule applies to a website. While designing a website, you need to decide on your logo, brand colors and a message that convey your message across. However, consistent look and robust message are good places to begin,…

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brain training apps Apps 

Best Proven Apps to get Mental Agility

You must have observed that your friends, colleagues and many others have an inclination towards body-building and they have their distinct objectives including flaunting the body among peers. Many of them do this endeavor to keep themselves healthy. We come across the same scenario when it comes to the mindset of those who consider ‘good looks’ above all and devote hours in front of the mirror. Here, my intention is to highlight the viewpoint of the masses who give preference to all other activities over having a healthful mind because…

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