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The Complete Startup Checklist: A Must For Quick Success

Having a bright idea is reason enough to start your own business. Many people dream of having their own big, successful company, but it’s important to begin with baby steps. This means launching a startup and build up from there. Although your startup idea may be really good, success is never guaranteed. Commonly, 70-80% of startups fail to see the project return on investment. These statistics shouldn’t put you off turning your idea into a profitable reality. Here is a complete startup checklist of the things you need to do…

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Swift iOS 

9 Reason Why iOS development with Swift is First Choice of Startups

Startup organizations tend to struggle hard to come up and beat the current ongoing stiff competition in the market. They are supposed to strictly consider several aspects pertaining to their financial system. Among all those aspects, choosing a current, advanced and affordable technology for their iOS development is very much crucial. Once you have collaborated with a particular iPhone app development company, then the most challenging and confusing task, is to make a choice between Swift or Objective C. As per the sources, Swift programming language has become the primary choice…

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Ten Points to make You believe SEO is like Fitness

Let’s start with a simple question: Can we get the perfect figure overnight by exhaustive workouts? Your obvious answer would be- NO! Okay. Now a bit difficult one: Can we rank well in search engines promptly through extensive SEO efforts? The answer to this question is the same- a big NO! So, how about comparing both search engine optimization and fitness for they look identical in many ways. The SEO is not dead! On the contrary, the domain is flourishing as more and more corporate websites are added, and entrepreneurs…

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10 of the Best Productivity Apps for Salespeople Apps 

10 Productivity Apps that Every Salespeople Must Have

Apps like these are game changers to productivity as it will help them stay on top of things and as technology and productivity apps category get deeper. “What new technology does is create new opportunities to do a job that customers want done” –Tim O’ Reilly Without a doubt, salespeople are some of the busiest persons in the corporate world. They are perpetually on the go. It is either they are meeting prospective clients, breaking a potential sale, flying out to give a slide presentation, running to a team training—these are…

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Social Media Social Media 

5 Tips for Boosting Your Brand Recognition through Social Media

Using social media to boost brand recognition is always a good idea. Still, quite often, small business owners overlook it, since measuring the return on investment can be tricky. However, if managed correctly, a social media campaign is always going to help your brand connect with customers and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give it a go. So, if you decide to focus on boosting your brand recognition through social media, here are 5 tips that are guaranteed to help. Make it manageable No matter what your business does,…

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Android Instant Apps Android Apps Google 

How to use Android Instant Apps

In the year 2016, at the Google I/O, they’ve announced a new feature that will be rolling out to Android devices, called Android Instant apps. The concept is somewhat similar to what the Nextbit Robin phone offered; you’ll be able to use or try the app interface even without installing it. The Instant Apps allows you to access the cloud-based version of the original app on your Android device, even if you haven’t installed the full app from the Google Play Store. This way you can try the app for…

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