3 Key Stages that can Make or Break Your Mobile Apps Startup

Startups play a major role in a country’s economic health. They are central to new innovations, job creation, increased productivity, and revenue generation. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, firm startups were responsible for 20 percent of gross job creation in America. The report also says that not all startup are successful because they work in a volatile atmosphere and many fails within 5 years of their inception. Nevertheless, there are also surviving firms that are successful, do a roaring business and earn revenues for the organization.

In this respect, setting up a Mobile Apps Startups can be an ideal choice for you because Smartphone’s and Mobile applications have revolutionized the digital world. There is also a massive demand for these devices worldwide.  Applications have become the best revenue generating means for developers. Statista study also informs that Apps are highest downloaded Applications in the world, and the number of downloads is expected to reach 268.69 billion by 2017. Another study from the same Statistical Portal  says that global app revenues for 2015 were $45.37 billion in 2015.

However, to be a successful Mobile Apps Startup entrepreneur, and for the faster growth and revenue generation, you must divide your App venture into three stages and formulate strategies accordingly. The three stages include “Pre-development stage,” “Developmental stage,” and “Post development stage.”

Pre- Development Stage

In this stage, you must research the viability of developing Apps, its prospective demand in the market, competition, investment options, and growth opportunities. You must also decide the type of App you want to develop, who will be your customers, and where you want to market these Applications because you have three options – make free or paid Application and market it through different channels, develop them for clients as per their requirements, or make it for specific users and market them through App stores like Google Play, iPhone/iOS App stores and others. You must also decide a budget for your Startup and its availability. If you are aiming to get your finance from outside source, you must prepare a list of investors, banks, and other institutions and can contact them for your finance requirements.

In this stage, you can also research and review successful Applications in the market. This step will help you in understanding the market demand and users’ preferences. You can also float your App development idea in social media, App forums, and groups and start discussions with users and visitors and get their ideas and views on your project. Such actions can make users aware of your Startup, and also help you understand their views, interests, and preferences.  

Developmental Stage

The development stage is also vital for your Startup App development because user’s acceptance and rejection largely depend on usability and quality of Applications, and what you offer them. In this stage, your sole focus must be on your development plan and decide on web app development platforms, designs, themes, Plugins, interfaces, and other features. You must also hire developers, designers, testers, quality analysts and other professionals for your Apps development project.

You must also decide Application platforms. You can choose from Android, IOS, Window, BlackBerry, and HTML platforms, or develop a single platform or multiple platform app. Design type is also important for your App. Today, Responsive design or Adaptive designs are widely used, and you can pick any of the two depending upon your target users and devices on which your apps will run.

To be a successful Mobile Apps Startup, and for the best users response, you must develop best quality Apps with attractive designs and useful features. It must also be fast, ease to navigate, and deliver values. It is also important that you test your app for its navigational qualities and features because once you launch the device in the market and if users find issues with qualities and features, they will refuse to download and immediately reject your App, and if it happens, you will not get a second chance to convince them and re-launch your Application again.

You must also generate user’s interest for your apps through Social networks and other media channels. You can advertise your Application on networking channels and forums, and highlight its features and usability to users. You can also float a tentative date when your App will be launched. Such steps can generate users’ interest in your Application, and they will keenly wait for the launching date to find more about it.

Post Development Stage

This stage is vital for success or failure of your Mobile Apps Startup. Whether you are developing Applications for Clients or App stores, the user’s response, reviews, and opinions can inform you about the popularity, acceptance or rejection of your App in the market, and its performance in the App Stores. Your future demand and client’s orders also depend on their responses.

You must also decide a cost for your App because high or low price can affect your Startup revenue and sale of Apps. You must also decide the right launching time because if you have developed it for certain occasion and if you launch it after the event or occasion, the user response will be far below your expectation. You must also be careful not to launch incomplete or defective apps because such Applications not only make a dent in your Startup’s reputation, but users will also reject them.

Effective marketing is also very import for the best users response. There are various techniques and strategies for efficient App marketing. The advertising, email marketing, social media networking, App store ranking, SEO, PR, customer referral incentives, campaigns, coupons, and special offers are few successful options that can get you fruitful results in the short and long run. These techniques can also generate a massive users response and demand for your Applications.

You must also update your Apps regularly, use updated technology and features in it, and study market trends and development to offer best-designed Application to users.

You must also regularly check reviews, comments, and opinions of your audience because these reviews and opinions can give you valuable insight into your Application, its quality, and users response.

These reasons also make it necessary that you must give special attention to each stage of your Application project because success or failure of your Mobile Apps Startup solely depends on planning and strategies for each stage.

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