5 Apple Apps That Would Be Great To Have On Android

Apple apps – With technology improving at a faster pace no doubt that you must upgrade your phone to match up these technologies. Talking about phone, it is Apple, Android and Windows that is ruling the market today. However, there are few amazing apple apps that would be great to have on Android. Designed by talented developers, these apps are far better than apps that any Smartphone can have. Right from amazing music platform till the great picture collage, with such apps you can do many things and thus improve your routine in a far better way.

1. Apple’s AirPlay: A must have

It is one of the best app that Apple has released so far. When it comes of music quality, nothing can beat Airplay. To have such app in Android based phone is certainly the best thing to have. It has some of the mind blowing features that focus to stream up the videos and music at the faster rate. It has set a fine example of how a digital media player can play the music with amazing sound clarity.

2. Apple’s iMessage for all your Problems

Messaging services is in demand even in today’s time where Watsapp is ruling. Apple’s iMessage app is another high functioning app that any Android user can enjoy. With this app, you can communicate with the video calls and IMs as well. For iOS users, it can prove to be beneficial as it eliminates the dependency on the third party. Hybrid users can easily sync all the communication in the device simple with this app. It is secured and reliable and can be easily operated even by first time user.

3. Opinion Podcasts: Make some Changes in podcasts

Whether you want to make a new list in the podcast, edit it, create it or make some changes, Opinion Podcasts is the best thing you can have. If you get such app on your Android phone, then you can do wonders with it. It allows you to make changes in the podcast and have the facility to send the mails with the help of SoundCloud. It is known for making the changes in the clips and also to make a professional project in less than 10 minutes.

4. iCloud

Whether you wish to sync your family pictures, library, email, calendars or even note, this apple app is simply mind blowing. It is one of the secured and most affordable apps that you can have in terms of storage. What else do you need when you can capture and save your memories with this amazing technology?

5. iTunes

Probably you don’t really need much information about it. It is one of the popular yet ruling app available in apple. It helps you to manage the quality video and audio and this ensures that you can sync up all your backup sources within click. The good part is, it is completely free.

With the development in technologies taking place in most of the res, we hope to that Android also introduces some of the amazing apps like Apple. Apple app is no doubt the best thing you can have. However, some of its incredible apps are certainly missed a lot on Android bases phone. As compared to Android apps, Apple apps are reliable and can integrate the phone with better features and reliable services. With a single testing platform, apple has always managed to introduce amazing apple apps that are wroth to try.

Apple Apps

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