5 Common Mobile and App Marketing Myths Debunked

Even though mobile and app marketing has taken today’s world by storm, there are still some cynicism in the approach towards this new way of marketing. However, most of these are just myths and people need to let go of the cynicism as app marketing is clearly here to stay and is not going anywhere anytime soon. So if you are not yet convinced about the perks of mobile and app marketing, read on as I debunk some of the popular myths:

1. Mobile marketing is just the latest trend in the block and will be gone in a blink

Mobile and app marketing may be the new kids in the block, but they are not a fleeting trend. They are a revolution and are here to stay. Surely, technologies evolve all the time and things change, but the convenience of app marketing is too significant and it is going to around in the foreseeable future for a while. If there is a change, it will be only to make apps better and more user-friendly, which is always a good thing.

2. Mobile and app marketing has a niche user reach

Most brands believe that mobile and app marketing is just for the Generation Next crowd, college-goers and young adults. Well no. Using an e-commerce app is not that intimidating for the older adults and seniors as it used to be few years ago. Everybody owns a smartphone now and the usage of the mobile and app marketing users is no longer a niche area exclusively.

3. If the website is working fine, there is no need for mobile optimization

Most companies believe that the already successful website does not require a mobile optimization as things are already running smoothly. But a better usability and accessibility of a mobile app is required as a person already used to the ease of mobile and app marketing will know the difference. An app with its user-friendly access will guarantee a more satisfied customer who is likely to come back again. The more modes of access there is, more is the amount of people a brand can reach out to. So mobile optimization is always a good idea.

4. There is no real difference between browsing through the website and the app

App creates a sense of community and involvement with customer while a website may come across as indifferent. The convenience and the ease results in loyalty building with the brand and better consumer satisfaction. And since the app is always there in the phone, it guarantees more come-backs and browsing time. Also, chats, reward points, cash backs, and exclusive app discounts make apps much more preferred mode of e-commerce in general.

5. Mobile apps are only used when a person is on the go

This myth is not true at all. People seldom use marketing apps when they are on the go. Mobile apps are infact found to be used most of the times when a person is in the home setting. People may have access to a desktop at the moment but mobile app is the preference most of the time, irrespective of where the person it. It is just more convenient way of e-commerce and is required a lot less effort.

App Marketing Myths

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