5 Proven Strategies to Boost Your Blog Post Engagement

Today everyone has a blog, but what matters the most is the traffic you get on your blog. If the blog does not have engaged users then there is no point of its existence. There are numbers of blogs available on Google for every possible topic and only a few of them have continuous active users or readers.

User engagement is the most important aspect of a blog, if you fail to attract them there is something you are lacking in your methods of boosting your blog post. Blog readership is quite essential and once you see its effect you will be overwhelmed by its impact.

Every business which has a blog have been through the adversity of getting readership. But let me explain you- The pain is worth taking as the benefits are just irrevocable.  It takes a little time and energy and lots of patience to earn honest and regular readers for your post.

5 simple strategies to boost your blog post engagement:

#1. Write frequently using shorter paragraphs

Google loves fresh content rather than old and stale ones. It provides opportunities to those who have frequent fresh content on their blogs so, it is advisable that you should update your blog at least thrice in a week. Also, less is more- it is seen that if you write shorter paragraphs with 2-3 sentences and space them into smaller portions it will attract the reader’s eyes.

#2. Know your targeted audiences

Never get confused on the topic or content which you are willing to put forward to your readers. Understand your audience properly before putting forward your blog. Your point should give your readers a clear view while delivering the best through your content. There are only two ways to approach your reader- Friendly and Professional.

#3. Speed up your loading page

No one likes to wait long while the web page is loading. Waiting is considered as wastage of time and in the case of slow loading of the blog, post page means losing readership. You need to think wisely while adding pictures, videos, and images to your post. Make sure you use a CDN (content delivery network), GIF for videos and images, and required plug-ins in order to avoid slow loading of your page.

#4. Include social media sharing buttons

Humans are social and everyone has more than one account on social media platforms. So, this gives an opportunity to your readers to spread a word about your post, all you have to do is include social media sharing buttons at the start and end of the blog post.

#5. Invest time in some link building

Write a content which is search engine friendly and also share internal links of your web page in your blog post. It helps in decreasing the recoil rate by directing the reader to your web page and producing more page views.


These were some methods to boost blog post and earn more readership. We have to always test, test and test in order to understand which method works best for engaging users to our blog. As it is said ‘slow and steady wins the race’ and so would you if you implement these methods and pay attention to your users they will earn you more readership.

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