5 Unique Things you can do with your Android Tablet

Apart from being used for usual uses, you might be wondering what other things you can do with you newly purchased tablet to really make use of it. How about using it in different way? Even you’ve an old tablet which you’re bored of using can be used uniquely.

Thanks to the amazing android development firms for their efforts! With a little ingenuity and a few simple apps, your Android tablet can be more useful than you might think.

A Second Monitor

Now, this may sound silly to use a tablet as a second monitor. While it doesn’t exactly provide the best amount of screen, you can still use it temporarily.  You can use your Tablet as a Second monitor with an app called ‘Splashtop Extended Display HD’. The amazing app connects your tablet to your computer to be used as a second display over WiFi.

For Smart Home Automation

Imagine you’re using your tablet to adjust the thermostat, dim the lights, lock and unlock your doors, turn appliances on and off, or draw your window shades closed. Sounds perfect! Yes, it is possible to use your tablet as a “smart home automation” device. With the advent of android development that offers myriads of apps, everything is possible these days. There are many smart apps that can be installed on your Android tablet to help you in making your home a “smart home” with all automated operations. Give it a try!

A Security Camera

You can also turn your tablet as a security camera. With your tablet you can keep an eye on your surroundings, your home, your kids or baby. Plus, you can mount it anywhere you want easily.

For DSLR Tethering

If you’re fond of DSLR photography, tablet is a powerful tool for you. Have you ever seen professional shooters who have their cameras attached to a laptop to see the full previews of their shots in real time? You can use your Tablet to serve you with the same purpose. Simply, download the DSLR Dashboard app on your Tab for free. Also, buy a USB OTG cable to connect your Tab with your DSLR. It is somewhat similar to the setup of connecting a USB keyboard to your android device, say your smartphone. This app is very flexible and can work with any camera that has PTP, including most Canon and Nikon models.

As a Cooking Guide

Whether you’re a super mommy or a housewife, a Tablet can help you cook delicious food like a Chef. If you want to experiment with new dishes or bring a new taste to your routine recipes, a tablet can help you greatly. Simply download a cooking app on your tablet, hang or mount it in your kitchen and follow the instructions to cook like a pro. Mounting your tablet would also help in maintaining its safety. This use of tablet is also significant for those men who live alone away from their families. If you’re done with eating at cafeterias daily, simply use your tablet and start cooking mom-like food at home, yourself. You can also enjoy music simultaneously. Isn’t it amazing??

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