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8 Guidelines by App Development Company to Ensure Android Code Quality

Today, in the smartphone-driven arena, applications are something that makes people engaged with their smartphone devices. Development of any application is the best result of collaborated work, extensive analysis and eagle-eyed testing. Just as the writers are the authors of the best-selling book similarly, programmers or developers are the authors of the top-notch mobile application. As the writer is not solely responsible for making the novel as the best-selling book similarly, developers are not the only person that contributes to the development of the best-downloaded app rather, it’s a collaborated effort given by the development, QA, designer and the entire application development team. Best rated application takes something more than the app developers. Equal efforts of Marketing, testing, designers, project manager are the key persons behind the scene that are left unnoticed.

By the time, if you have started doing code review then here are the 8 main goals that one can achieve while reviewing the Indian app developers code Android or iOS project.

1. Documentation and Coding Style

The unclear and poorly written code can cost you infinite hours along with significant resources. Comprehensive and detailed coding documentation is quite essential so as to understand the app project. More simple your code is more it will be easy to maintain the changes in future.

Sometimes, a situation may arise where you need to be a part of the partially completed project or you need to substitute someone in the project and it’s quite natural that you would be unaware regarding project definition. In such case, you need to understand and go through each and every line of the code.  So, the amount of percentile clarity of documentation is maintained, faster the development process and fewer are the resources your organization would invest for. Proper coding style should be maintained, relevant naming convention, separation of business logic from design and clear and clean code; these are some of the aspects to be taken care of while documentation of the project code.

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2. Development Architecture Pattern

Each and every app development company follow different protocols and development architecture to accomplish the project. So, it is mandatory to pre-decide the development architecture approach so as to conduct smoothness during application development. For instance: If your company follows Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern then review your block of code and make sure that it follows MVC approach (meaning that business logic- Defined as a model should be kept separated from the view(designing) file and the action call methods should be defined in the controller). If you are checking someone else code then, do not follow your approach but see to it that code purity and the proper connection is maintained between components of the app.

3. Error Handling Mechanism

Error handling is one of the most complicated yet crucial parts for any software application development. As we are unable to avoid all the negative scenarios and so, we need to handle them in the most appealing way. But, people do make a mistake by evaluating that error handling is all about shooting the detected errors inside application rather it’s a way more than that. Sometimes, we need to inform the user regarding the cause of the error and how they can fix the same.

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4. Checking Code Optimization

Code optimization is the preliminary step to ensure the code quality and quantity. If your code is optimized, it will create a positive impact on the application performance making execution faster. We need to ensure that  proper logic is applied in the app in an optimized way so as to avoid the quality compromise in the application.

5. Annotate the Code to Ensure its Usability

Sometimes, there may occur a situation that code needs to be altered and the developer of the app is assigned to another project. In such case, if proper annotation is found in the code; it will help the third person to understand and fix the changes in code ensuring smoothness in project while maintaining the quality of the app.

6. Testing Coverage

Though we depend heavily on our testing and QA team for our build release still, we do not pass out the build to the QA team till we test each and every unit of our app. Such principle helps us to find out the bugs and fix them before giving out our build to the QA team. We not only test the business logic but we also do check the UI logic so as to make sure that app really works.

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7. Security

The ultimate goal of security code review is to hunt for the vulnerabilities and loopholes to find the strength and weakness of the coding done. Sources of security loopholes examined from such practice includes blots in system design, business logic or development architecture/pattern. Find out the loopholes and develop the best strategy to rectify it.

8. Evaluating Checklist

The concluding and the important step to ensure android app code quality is to reconfirm the checklist prepared. Make sure that none of the keynotes of  checklist is missed out and make sure that all the standards and principles defined in the list are followed orderly and precisely. This will ensure you will best quality application outcome which will ensure you with promising application success.

How will you ensure your code quality?

As we discussed earlier, a success of any app is cohesive efforts of the development team and of-course many hidden elements that remain uncovered during the development process. So, make sure that you hire the best app development team that complements your idea with the quality driven application outcome. For more discussion and queries comment below. Cheers!