9 Reason Why iOS development with Swift is First Choice of Startups

Startup organizations tend to struggle hard to come up and beat the current ongoing stiff competition in the market. They are supposed to strictly consider several aspects pertaining to their financial system. Among all those aspects, choosing a current, advanced and affordable technology for their iOS development is very much crucial. Once you have collaborated with a particular iPhone app development company, then the most challenging and confusing task, is to make a choice between Swift or Objective C.

As per the sources, Swift programming language has become the primary choice of developers and it is one of the rising development trends in the market. As per the data published by stackoverflow, the number of developers exceeds that of Objective C.

Swift is one of the well-structured and intuitive programming language for the development of applications for execution on MacOS, iOS, tvOS and watchOS. The rich API functionalities ensures that the code of the app remain consistent and is scalable.

Here, we elaborate all the extensive features of Swift programming language that distinguishes it from others:

Open source nature

There are numerous benefits of an open source platform and hence it has gain a wide popularity in the market. Open source software is free to download and its source code facilitates developers to amend the source code as per their requirement. Users can download it from online sources and start using the development of it. It supports extensive scalability and eliminates the need for license acquisition to make the good use of it.

Quick and seamless execution

Due to the integration of LLVM compiler, a program developed in swift language is seamlessly executed despite its development platform. Being an object oriented language; it supports large extent of code reusability and extensive development flexibility through polymorphism. The pragmatic and structured development approach provides instant solutions to typical programming problems.

Code Stability and memory management

The popularity of swift lies in its strict error handling methodology, making it a safe programming language. The way swift handles null pointer is altogether different in terms of efficiency compared to objective C. The ARC (Automatic Reference Counting) technique used by swift ensures automatic allocation and de-allocation of memory, thereby minimizing the lag between the executions of two processes. ARC maintains the list of all the existing memory reference of an object in the code.

Extensive support to dynamic libraries

One of the major technical features of Swift is its introduction to dynamic libraries by replacing the static libraries. Dynamic libraries are a set of executable code that is linked to an app. This features helps to link the apps build in older version with the newer one.

Easy to maintain

Developers love the language that is easy to maintain which gives them enough time to gauge all the security related parameters, during the development phase. Swift imparts these dual benefits at a single point of time. The removal of legacy characteristics simplifies its maintenance process and minimizes its dependency level.

Swift the language of the future

Swift is well-organized mobile programming language with a clearly defined architectural development pattern? Programs developed in swift executes seamlessly compared to the one developed in objective C. The memory management of swift ensures that the app is fully functional on devices running on low-memory.

Hiring swift developers is less costly

Swift developers are readily available in the market compared to the objective C one. As per the survey, released from stackoverflow – a large community of online programmers, the pay-scale of objective C developers is high compared to the developers in the market. Hence, to reduce the overall development cost, choosing swift over Objective C becomes crucial.

Operating System Version Support

Mobile applications and programs developed in Swift can perfectly run on iOS7 and versions above it along with tvOS and WatchOS. If your project is meant to execute on below iOS7 version, then the only viable option left is Objective C.

First choice of developers

Developers love the platform that has interactive development framework and supports rich set of datatypes and various syntax for string creation and manipulation. Swift has terminated all the complex syntax that was used by Objective C, hence enhancing the overall development productivity. The syntax of swift is very much concise and user-friendly, and is very much similar to Ruby, Python etc.


Time is the most prominent factor for startups to beat the current ongoing stiff competition in the market. The challenging question usually faced by the developers is to choose which programming language for the development of mobile application. Developers intend to choose the one that is safe, secure and effective in terms of quality, which in case of iOS application is Swift.


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