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Admirable and Hottest Female-Founded Startups to Watch in 2017

Women seem to fall back always in the technology industry. Although we see a plethora of female founders who are floating their own ventures in 2017, there is always some lack of enthusiasm generated for the female owned startups. It is an open secret that the Venture Capital (VC ) funds have more preference for the male counterparts than the female owned startups.

American Express has come out with State of Women-Owned Business Report which states that there is an increasing number of women startups over the last fifteen years, a growth of 54%.

It has been historically difficult to find funds by women entrepreneurs. As a result, we have seen an increasing number of leadership bootcamps, startup accelerators and training programs that are directed to help out the women entrepreneurs. Some of the names that are worthy to mention are Dreamit Athena, and Women’s Startup Lab, MergeLane and EY’s Entrepreneurial Winning Women, These are the ventures that will eventually make it possible for the female founders to turn their businesses into profitable ventures.

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2016 saw the advent of the female founders as they floated innovative companies  that earned millions of dollars. 2017 is expected to be an even better period.

Here are some of the startups in 2017:



As we see the increasing demand for the healthcare segment, Maven is a women’s health app which lets you get connected with the doctor, through a video chatting services. So, you can get your queries answered, seek prescriptions and advice from the doctor. Kate Ryder was the female founder of Maven in 2014, as this idea dawned upon her, while working with a London based Venture Capital (VC) fund. She had this idea as some of her pregnant friends were not able find the right information’s and a suitable doctor. Users may also connect with nursing professionals, doctors and experts on mental health.

Rockets of Awesome

It is founded by Rachel Blumenthal in 2016. It is actually a subscription based service that is for delivery of boxes of clothes specifically for the kids, but designed by Rockets of Awesome themselves. The company sends trendy clothes for kids of the size of 2 to 14. The parents are expected to pay only for the clothes that are not returned.


Winnie is an amalgamation of part Yelp and part Four Squares. It is all about locating a place where the parents may find a quiet area to nurse or even changing table in the rest room. They can share the story about the spot. It was founded in 2015 by Sara Mauskopf and Annie Halsall.

Revel Systems

Founded i 2010 by Liza Falzone, it is pioneering venture based on iPad point-of-sale market. Falzone says that this was founded on sheer willpower. It turns your iPad into cash registers.

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It is all about viewing the furniture’s, even before you buy it. It lets you to experience the furnitures in a virtual house. There is an online model that takes pictures about your own space. You have the option to customize it as per your taste, swapping the items. It was founded by Shanna Tellerman in 2015. It has recently obtained Shell as a customer.


It is a startup in the on-demand space for healthy meal plans. This is based on an algorithm that works in the background, taking into considerations of dietary restrictions, likes and dislikes of the individual. It was founded by Christina Bognet in 2012.

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