Top 10 adobe photoshop hacks everyone should know

In the world of photo editing software, Adobe Photoshop is considered to be one of the pioneers. With its innumerable features and attributes that design and change the looks of your picture, this application is highly utilized by professional graphic designers and photographers.

Hence, we bring to you some hacks that will ease your editing experience and help you achieve masterclass results in this application.

Let’s take a quick look.

Adobe Photoshop Hacks

Use a different image as a texture

adobe photoshop hack 1- use different image as texture

Adding textures to an image gives it a completely different look, especially when the texture is borrowed from a different image. This trick is extremely easy to implement.

You have to open both the images in different windows in Photoshop. Now, for the image that shall be used as the texture has to be desaturated. This can be done by going to ‘Image’, then choosing the ‘Adjustments’ feature and clicking on the ‘Desaturate’ option. After the desaturation, press Ctrl-A + Ctrl C to select and copy the image to ensure it is flattened.

Now go to the next image and press Ctrl V to paste, where the textured image is added as a new layer. Now with the help of blending modes like ‘Overlay’ and ‘Soft Light’ you can work around the amounts on how much you want to blend the texture with the image.

Fixing the colour

adobe photoshop hack 2- fixing color

While enhancing a picture, fixing the colour is very important whether you deal with eye colour or skin tones. When you wish to lighten the eye colour, the ‘Dodge’ feature is a beautiful hack where you select the iris region of the eye and adjust the exposure and ranges to change the colour. Similarly, with the ‘Burn’ feature you can darken the pupil and iris region with the accurate adjustments of your choice.

Now, moving on to the skin tone with the ‘Eyedropper’ hack you can do away with oily and shiny skin patterns and change it to flat and smooth skin texture. A simple way to achieve this is by setting your brush to normal along with an opacity of 15%.

Hiding cropped areas for changes in the future

hack 3- hiding cropped areas

It is a frequent occurrence that while editing you crop certain areas of a picture and make other changes only to realize you don’t like the end product. Now the original image is lost and you have to start from scratch. Hence, here comes a hack that will save you valuable time where you hide the cropped area instead of deleting it.

Create a duplicate layer before cropping. Now, after selecting the crop tool, choose the ‘Hide’ option in the ‘Cropped Area’ line at the top. So after you are done with your final cropping activities, you can still move the hidden parts around and within the cropped area to get the final adjustments.

Shape and glitter embellishments

hack 4- shape and glitter

These hacks are a necessity if you wish to add grandeur and aesthetics to your photoshop projects. With your photos, you can turn them into artistic shapes. To begin with, paste the shape type you wish to turn your photo into on the top of it. With the help of the ‘Magic Wand’ tool click inside the shape on the top of the picture and diminish the layers. Now, click on the layer where your photo is and use the copy and paste commands to get a newly shaped image. Hide the original one and rename this newly shaped image.

To add a little glamour and shine, you can use the glitter feature. You have to fill them in the object with the colour of the glitter you want to use. On selecting the duplicate filter, add the noise and choose the layer style of linear dodge. Finally to achieve the best results, change the opacity to 77%.

Straighten crooked lines

hack 5- straighten crooked lines

You will often come across pictures that have all the desirable attributes except for a few problems with the angles. Hence photoshop brings to you hacks that let you establish complete control over the image perspectives. With the ‘Transform’ option under the Edit tab, you can achieve your purpose.

On selecting the transform option, click on the ‘Warp’ tool where you are presented with 12 adjustment points around the edges of the image. Using these points, you can easily correct all the perspective mistakes like straightening crooked and bent areas of the image.

Increasing the Contrast without affecting the Saturation

hack 6- increasing contrast

Contrast and Saturation are usually two sides of the same coin. When you change the Contrast in the curve adjustment layer, you see the colour changing too. This might be unnecessary for the picture.

Hence, to avoid this the hack is to change the blending mode of the curves layer to ‘Luminosity’ from ‘Normal.’ Now, this feature will ensure that the saturation remains unaffected when you play around with the contrast.

Add a Matte finish to your photos

hack 7- add matte finish

The matte look gives your photos a faded and aesthetic look. In Photoshop you can do this in a few easy steps. Firstly, add the curves adjustment layer to the image. In this, the bottom left point on the curves helps your experiment with the shadow effects. Continue pulling this point upwards until you feel you have achieved your result. You can always re-arrange the exposure settings and other curves to obtain the perfect image.

Locating the exact centre of your Photoshop file

hack 8- locating the exact center

Finding the midpoint of your document might be the primary yet challenging task. Hence, this hack shall help you get the best results. All you need to do is, open your file and move to the ‘Layers’ section on the bottom right. Now, double click on the background image and check on OK to unlock the layer.

After choosing the ‘Move’ tool, check the ‘Show Transform’ tool in the options. You will observe that a point appears right in the middle of your page. To block it and begin work, place your horizontal and vertical tools at the point.

Create fancy and customized borders

hack 9- creating fancy borders

Borders enhance and beautify your image. There are several ways to create one. Some might use the ‘Mask’ feature while an easier way to do it is by increasing the canvas size. To begin with, press Ctrl + Alt + C, and a dialogue box opens. After choosing the ‘Relative’ checkbox, all you need to do is fill in the exact dimensions of your border, i.e. height and width. To alter the positions, utilize the ‘Anchor’ option.

Batch Processing

hack 10- batch processing

This is a beautiful hack that enables you to process and resize a multitude of photos in one go to save you from the manual task of processing every single image.

This can be done by placing all the required images in one folder and opening any one of the images from that folder. Now, click on ‘Actions’ and give it an appropriate name, say Resize.  Further, create a new action in the previous one and name it too. Select ‘Record.’ Now this will capture all the actions carried out on that particular image, i.e. resizing in this scenario. Finalize the image dimensions and save it after you define the image quality in the dialogue box. Now, you can stop recording the action.

Move ahead to ‘File’, go to ‘Automate’ and click on ‘Batch.’ Under the ‘Play’ option instructs in the first action, i.e. Resize. Further under ‘Action’ instruct the name of the second act. Choose the folder you have your original images under the ‘Source’ option. Finally, under ‘Destination’ choose the place you want your resized outputs to be saved in. Your task is easily achieved after you click on OK.


With its abundant features, Photoshop has revolutionized photo editing and graphic design. These hacks are just an easier way to help you achieve your goals in less time and enhance your editing experience. We hope this article was objective enough to help you with the right tricks and techniques that will sharpen your Photoshop skills.

Adobe Photoshop hacks
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