AliPlugin Review: The Best Plugin for AliExpress Affiliates

Do you want to make money online, and you’re thinking of looking into AliExpress affiliate Program? If yes, then there is no better way to do that without the use of AliPlugin.

But, wait! Can this stuff still make you money, or you just want to embark on another journey of no financial returns?

Well, before we begin let me quickly jog your memory with this eCommerce statistic.

According to this report on online shopping and eCommerce sales from 2014 to 2021. Shows how eCommerce sales worldwide amounted to 2.3 trillion US dollars in 2017.

AliPlugin Review: The Best Plugin for AliExpress Affiliates 2

The eCommerce niche is a fast growing online business that is not yet saturated. Being an affiliate with AliExpress is just another way to earn money online via eCommerce while dropshipping is another fast-growing niche.

So you’ve decided to become an AliExpress affiliate but you need all the help you can get for quick success. Trust me there’s no better tool than AliPlugin.

What is AliPlugin?

AliPlugin is a WordPress plugin that helps you transform your WordPress site into an affiliate online store for AliExpress. The plugin allows you to add over thousands of different products from AliExpress to your own WordPress site.

This plugin will place your unique affiliate id on all links back to AliExpress, so you get the commissions for all the sales referred to AliExpress.

AliPlugin Features

The features of AliPlugin are one reason the plugin standout while making your affiliate journey with AliExpress an easy one. Below are some of the best features of AliPlugin:

Quickly Search

You use AliPlugin to import the AliExpress products in any category you want. For example, you want to promote the seats for baby.

Firstly, you find the baby product, and you can select it in the items of the part “SELECTIVE IMPORT.” Then you enter “SEATS” and choose the high commission rate (about 37%) as well as the unit price.

Next, choose the significant number of the purchase volume and feedback score like Purchase volume is 1000, and

Feedback score is 1000. Why? The more the number of these is high, the more the products sell.

Finally, Click on the “Apply Filter” and choose the product to import.

Post in Minutes: Save much time when you can post a huge amount of the products all at once. Thanks to this feature, you may have thousands of the products automatically added to your website in a few simple clicks of the mouse.

Go International: You can set sales and earn the commissions everywhere you promote because AliExpress Affiliate Program and its plugin are unlimited.

Get Live Stats: You can easily check how many products load to your site and how many views as well as redirects to AliExpress every your product gets.

Auto Updating: You don’t need to get access to AliExpress and see the newest updates of the products which you are promoting because AliPlugin does this for you. I have no word to express this entire feature.

Auto Translation: You can translate the product titles or descriptions into over 40 languages with one click so your customers can easily read the functions and uses of the products in their language.

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Pros & Cons of AliPlugin


  • High Commission: the plugin gives you a better chance of earning high commission with AliExpress.
  • Built-in Store: with the help of AliPlugin you can easily build your own e-commerce website under a few minutes, even if you lack prior experience.
  • Responsive Design: the theme that comes with AliPlugin are highly responsive for both desktop and mobile device which is good for an online shopping experience.
  • SEO Optimized: with the help of the plugin you can easily rank for a product search on search engines. These, however, gives you the chance of having more traffic.


  • Support: No support from AliExpress and the support form AliPartnership is less than average.

Is AliPlugin free?

No, the program has a cost of $47. At first sight, it may seem like a big investment, especially when you are just starting your business. But let me tell you something really important to take into account: once you buy AliPlugin, you are going to have a 60-day money back guarantee. This means that if you are not happy with the results of the program, or if you think you don’t need it as much as you first thought, you can totally ask for a full refund, no questions asked.

How to Install and Setup AliPlugin by AliPartnership?

Installing the Plugin only take about a few minutes to install and set up. In fact, you don’t need to be techy or know HTML or be a WordPress expert to install the plugin.

After you’ve successfully installed your WordPress go to the Plugin section and click on “Add New button”.

From there, “click upload plugin” and find the AliPlugin archive on your computer.

Next, click “install now”

After the plugin has been successfully installed and activated you will see it on the left side of your WordPress dashboard.

Click on the plugin to configure it. Go to the configuration where you need to enter your App Key and tracking ID gotten from the official AliExpress portal.

Watch this video for step by step install and setup AliPlugin:

AliPlugin Review Conclusion

We hope this AliPlugin review can help you have a general view of this tool and make the most right decision for you.

If you want an additional source of income that could make you more money on autopilot then We’ll suggest you give the plugin a try.

Thank you for reading our AliPlugin review! Don’t say any more!

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