Amazon extends return windows so you don’t have to go outside during the lockdown

With people in most parts of the world required to stay home due to coronavirus pandemic, shopping online seems the most sensible way to get your hands on the products, but the problem is, if you have to return a defective product, you might not want to go outside to your local courier — or perhaps you just have other priorities.

Thankfully Amazon has temporarily extended its return policy to provide some peace of mind  – and hopefully minimize the burden on overworked warehouse employees.

In the US and Canada, anything purchased on March 1 or later can be returned until May 31. In Italy, Spain, France, Turkey, and the Netherlands, that window goes as far back as February 15.

Most Amazon products have a 30-day return window, so the new measures give you a good extra month or so to return stuff, depending on your region and purchase date.

The company detailed this and other changes in its blog providing daily updates to its practices during the coronavirus pandemic.


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