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How to use Android Instant Apps

In the year 2016, at the Google I/O, they’ve announced a new feature that will be rolling out to Android devices, called Android Instant apps. The concept is somewhat similar to what the Nextbit Robin phone offered; you’ll be able to use or try the app interface even without installing it. The Instant Apps allows you to access the cloud-based version of the original app on your Android device, even if you haven’t installed the full app from the Google Play Store. This way you can try the app for…

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Importance of Android App Development Strategy for the Developing Markets (Infographic)

As the Android app development makes an entry into the developing economies they need to have a powerful strategy like comprehending the target audience. The smartphones are covering every aspect of our day to day lives as we are becoming dependent on these devices to take care of all of our basic chores. While developing the mobile apps,  it is important to know what is the target audience. The smartphone manufacturers always prefer to launch their latest products in the emerging markets so that they gain higher amount of profit. The…

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Everything You Need to Know About Developer Preview of Android O

After Google’s unexpected announcement of the first preview of Android Nougat, the company is launching the first developer preview for the next version of Android, code named Android O. It won’t deliver a major UI overhaul, but focus on tweaking the operating system’s core features set. Listed below are some of the amazing features that Google mentioned, but it is said that you can expect much more in the future as this is just the first Android O preview: Picture-in-picture mode Picture in Picture (PIP) mode, users can continue watching…

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5 Unique Things you can do with your Android Tablet

Apart from being used for usual uses, you might be wondering what other things you can do with you newly purchased tablet to really make use of it. How about using it in different way? Even you’ve an old tablet which you’re bored of using can be used uniquely. Thanks to the amazing android development firms for their efforts! With a little ingenuity and a few simple apps, your Android tablet can be more useful than you might think. A Second Monitor Now, this may sound silly to use a tablet as a…

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Top 10 Free Android Apps to Make Your Life Simple

Apps have made the mobile phone functionality more easy and accessible. Now you can get one app for any of your work easily. Today different apps are available for almost any task like from calendar apps to most advanced features like browsing, to clean android device etc. These apps help you improve your device speed and performance. There are a lot of apps available to perform tasks on your smartphone. Let’s discuss tap 10 free Android apps to make your life simple. 1. Offline App Offline Browser: You can use…

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Android Nougat: 7 Best Features in Google’s new OS

Google has started to roll-out the latest iteration of its open source Android mobile operating system, Nougat. The new software is now available on Google Nexus devices, with smartphones from other manufacturers to follow. Android 7.0 Nougat beta testers will be the first to get the operating system update. Android Nougat, codenamed N, was previewed back in March. The finished release boasts a number of new features, including the ability to run two apps side-by-side, better battery life and improved encryption for personal data. Google has made the latest version…

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Prisma app now available for Android

Prisma for iOS has already topped the popularity charts in various countries with over one million daily users while avid Android users await the public release of the app. Prisma enables users to convert pictures into work of arts with sophisticated filters that use neural networks and artificial intelligence to accomplish the feat. Here’s how the concept works Just upload your favourite picture from the camera roll or capture a fresh one and then hit next. You can now pick the filter of your choice among Impression, Curtain, Running in…

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It’s Official: Android N name revealed will be called Nougat

After many months of calling the next release simply “Android N,” Google has finally settled on a name. The company revealed Nougat on its Snapchat channel and Twitter, which included uncovering the latest statue to grace the Google campus. The time has arrived! #AndroidNReveal — Android (@Android) June 30, 2016 Google names its Android versions after what it calls “sweet treats.” Though the first two releases had no corresponding name, the early 1.5 release was named “Cupcake.” From there, each new version of Android takes on the name of…

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