Answers to 6 Burning Questions From App Entrepreneurs

The mobile apps are existing for less than a decade. The web ecosystem is said to have developed much higher than a mobile app ecosystem. Despite this we see that there is an intense competition in the mobile app development marketplace.

However, there are too many instances when the app entrepreneurs are keen to develop mobile apps, without any technical knowledge and without any prior knowledge on writing a single line of code and yet successfully running a mobile app business.

There are many challenges faced by the entrepreneurs for developing the mobile apps. But, coding never happens to be a challenge. There is no need to code because an external or an internal team of app developers can be employed or the first software is built using the app building platforms.

The more important factors that cause worries for the app entrepreneurs are what to do after developing the idea of the mobile app, raising money for the venture, turning the idea into a profitable venture and the efforts made for marketing the apps.

Here, are some of the pertinent questions asked by the first-time and aspiring app entrepreneurs:

1. Generating an App Idea

There is no sure success formula for the app entrepreneurs to turn the app into a success. That the number of entrepreneurs outnumber the venture capitalists, proves itself that there are no sure ways to build an app that meets the market demand.

The work done by the app entrepreneurs onsets with a good app idea in place. Before, setting ahead with the app development venture, you need to do a validation of the idea of the mobile app. You must conduct a successful research on the app idea, so as to get assured  that you have taken the right step ahead in building a successful mobile app.

You must build an app that people will actually prefer to use and not just splurge your money behind building an idea that they do not want.

2. Validating the Mobile App Idea

It is not enough to have a cool app idea, but what is important is conducting a market research before actually launching the app. The target audience has to be determined as the first and foremost activity. The validation of the app idea is also dependent on the type of app that is built whether in the competitive space or it a new space.

There is validation of the app that is completed already when the app that is built in the competitive landscape is validated as there are similar successful apps in the same space.

But, when the app is built in a new space, when there is virtually no competitors, a validation of the app idea is very much needed before the actual product is built. This can be achieved by simply putting up a landing page and then start promoting the app with the aid of Facebook advertisements. The first version of the product is built when enough response is garnered from the mobile apps.

3. Investment for Your Mobile App

The investment that is made behind your mobile app is dependent on the ability to grow your business, more than your ability to generate a spectacular mobile app idea.

There are numerous app development companies which reaches up to the app idea stage, but a few of these companies manage to reach the next stage and this is what the investing company would like to see. Building prototypes is what is needed in this case. There must not be the tiniest possibility of another app already existing with the same app idea. There must be a win-win situation between the investor and the app development company.

4. Building Mobile Apps Using Various Ways

Objective and the app’s landscape are the two deciding factors for building an app. The apps are built by hiring an outsourced partner or with the help of an app building platform. There is a BuildFire App Builder which will show a step by step details on how to develop the apps. The outsourcing partner is chosen on the basis of assessment of the experience and the credibility, by conducting background checks.

5. Making Money from the Mobile Apps

There are several modes of raising money by your mobile apps through in-app purchases, advertisements or subscription services. There are many methods employed by the app entrepreneurs for securing money, from within and outside the mobile apps. Monetization through your app is made possible through an effective partnership with another brand. This partnership will fetch similar customer base who will add value to the user experience of the app that is developed.

6. Marketing Strategy

A proper app marketing strategy must evolve, One of these app marketing strategy of the entrepreneurs is to optimize the app details in the Google Play Store and the App Store. This makes it easy for the target audience that the app is existing. The app that is built must be the first choice of the target audience, standing apart from the competition. The maximum return on investment must be obtained from the channel or the combination of channels for the app marketing.

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