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Tips to Scale down on Enterprise App Development Costs

When you want to build a mobile app, the first thing that comes to your mind is – How much does it cost to build an app? How to reduce enterprise app development cost? Enterprise apps are a rage now. However, developing apps can turn out to be a costly endeavour. Here are some tips to keep costs in check, while still developing high-quality enterprise apps. Best tips to scale down on enterprise app development cost: Design first, build later The basic mantra to develop a high-quality app in the most…

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Mobile App Development Trends AppDev 

Top 15 Mobile App Development Trends in 2018

At present many types of app development is in trend and app developer is focusing on latest mobile app development trends. According to the survey, more than 200 million Apps has been downloaded and its number is increasing day by day as the number of gadgets like smartphone and tablets is increasing. As we discuss the application, then we find out that social media apps are more in demand and people are using them more than any other App. As technology is going more advances and innovative, then App industry…

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agile AppDev 

Why to Choose Agile for Mobile App Development

In today’s fast-paced business environment quick adaptation to constantly-changing market conditions is a key to survival of organizations. That’s why software houses turn to Agile mobile app development practices which is the single most effective approach that helps to streamline the development process and help business to stay competitive. What is Agile methodology? Agile methodology is flexible software development method to product development in which the whole process is divided into a series of development cycles. With the use of Agile for mobile app development, the entire array of tasks…

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Six Efficient Tips to Save Your Innovative App Idea from Stealing

So you’re a fervent techie with a brilliant mobile app idea, right?  Okay. First of all, you must protect your idea in a highly competitive and rapidly thriving mobile app industry while finding professional and trustworthy mobile app developers. Today, the leading mobile app stores are teeming with millions of apps, and unique apps can help their owners or developers to stay ahead of the curve. Therefore, you need to save your app idea to experience the probable success. But here is a question: How do you prevent someone else…

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Android AppDev 

Importance of Android App Development Strategy for the Developing Markets (Infographic)

As the Android app development makes an entry into the developing economies they need to have a powerful strategy like comprehending the target audience. The smartphones are covering every aspect of our day to day lives as we are becoming dependent on these devices to take care of all of our basic chores. While developing the mobile apps,  it is important to know what is the target audience. The smartphone manufacturers always prefer to launch their latest products in the emerging markets so that they gain higher amount of profit. The…

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iPhone Applications (Infographic) AppDev 

iPhone Applications for Making the Year Ahead App-friendly (Infographic)

iPhones are exclusive devices meant only for a select few users, particularly for those who can afford to own these devices. iOS always has an edge, not just because of the popularity among all other platforms, but because of elegance of the platform and the ease of use. The app developers always prefer to release the iPhone applications way before, they release apps for any other platform. There are whole lot of apps starting from Pokemon to Safari from the renowned iPhone app development company and the users seldom gets…

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App Development AppDev 

4 Reasons to Partner with a Mobile App Development Firm

According to Red Hat’s 2015 Mobile Maturity Survey, at least 90% of the companies have implemented a mobile app strategy or have set aside funding to implement one. Enterprise Mobility has become the buzzword for CIOs and CTOs who want to improve their operational efficiency, deliver a superior customer experience and achieve cost economy. That said, building world-class mobile apps is not an internal affair. The resources (both time and people) requires for the process is beyond the capacity of most organizations. Hence, partnering with a mobile app development firm…

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User Engagement AppDev Business 

How to Measure User Engagement through Mobile App Analytics

Why does the user experience necessary for a mobile app? Well, the Statista report has an answer:  the number of mobile app buyers in the US is expected to cross 85 million by the year 2018. If you find this picture rosy, then another survey has revealed that about 25 percent of downloaded apps are not used more than once. Here, user engagement comes into the picture. Engaging user experience is essential as companies strive for establishing a mobile presence through customized enterprise mobile apps. Here we are going to discuss…

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Developer AppDev WebDev 

Proven Tips to Become a Successful Developer

App development companies are growing in number, which is a reason for developer to sharpen their coding skills. This could help them acquire influential position in the top companies. Moreover, the ongoing demand of newer technologies including IoT and AR, VR techniques have created a never ending demand of the developers in the related sector. As the requirements of the jobs are increasing, versed professionals are required to fill the positions. And, for the same reason there is no other way than to learn the codes to be a professional…

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Most Popular Cross-Platform Mobile Development Tools for Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Enterprise mobility has a growing demand more so, due to the proliferation in the number of smartphones worldwide. Organizations are increasingly trying to mobilize their businesses with the aim to achieve the end result of increasing the revenue generated for the business as well as boosting the productivity of their workforce. Curating cross-platform mobile app development is not a treat for the team of app developers in your enterprise. There is an increasing trend of developing mobile apps for enterprises which are capable of running across multiple platforms. The need…

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