Apple iPhone X beats Google Pixel 2

Reasons why Apple iPhone X beats Google Pixel 2

Apple and Google flagship smartphones are now available. The tug of war between Apple iPhone X and Google Pixel 2 is classic. Both the devices offer exceptional features, great performance, long battery life and much more. In this article, we will compare the features of both phones in terms of hardware, software, camera, Face ID and battery life.

Google’s Pixel 2 and Apple’s iPhone X has pretty much the same size and similar display. Both the devices have high prices but Apple has graced the new iPhone X with stunning features like no other phone.

Here are the reasons why Apple iPhone X beats Google Pixel 2:

iPhone design is great

When it comes to design, Apple always takes the lead. The iPhone X stands out for its top-notch that interferes with the visual experience while Pixel 2 XL has minimal bezels. Pixel 2 has a design similar to bezel-less phones but it lacks the eye-catching and refreshing look that iPhone X has. The colour options in iPhone are much better than Pixel. iPhone has grey, black, white and space grey whereas the same colours in Pixel 2 aren’t that attractive.

iPhone display looks better

Apple finally geared up with the competition by including the OLED display on the phone for the best display. Pixel introduced OLED long before iPhone but it faced some quality issues which makes the iPhone display rank as one of the best displays in the market. Apple excels in the quality as well as brighter screen display which is advantageous as it can offer wider viewing angles to the users.


Both the phone offers exceptional camera result. Each has its own camera quality and image result. The iPhone X has a dual camera where the camera lens can zoom on the other hand Pixel 2 XL has one regular camera lens. iPhone X can zoom into any length without reducing the quality of the image, Pixel 2 reduces the pixels and image quality.

Battery Life with Wireless charging

iPhone X battery life lasts long on a single charge while Pixel goes further. The iPhone wins some of the battery life tests and excels in providing wireless charging that Pixel 2 doesn’t offer the convenience. Wireless charging technology is much convenient and accessible and listening to music has also become handier. It has the USB charging option too and neither of the devices has a headphone jack as Google followed Apple’s footprints in the same manner.

iPhone features

Both iPhone X and Pixel 2 XL offer security but one essential feature that outstands all the feature is the Animoji. Animoji’s are cute and quite impressive. This fun feature will not let you get bored and it will include the audio record of what you say.  

Face ID over Touch ID

The Face ID has got to be the most prominent feature of the new iPhone X. The transformation from touch ID to Face ID is the latest tech feature, but Pixel 2 doesn’t offer this feature and continues to offer fingerprint sensor. Another great feature is Siri that clearly has an edge over Google assistant. Many people believe that Siri is much better than Google assistant.

Performance: iPhone X Excels

When it comes to performance, a test was conducted to examine the performance of both the smartphones and the results came in the favour of Apple iPhone X. iPhone X excels in the competition and is probably the most efficient phone due to its A11 Bionic chip. This means that performance will get higher. The higher the better, all extra performance rankings come from iPhone which is a massive win.

iPhone X: Value for Money

When thinking of buying a smartphone you always look for value for money. Apple is much pricier than Google Pixel 2 but it offers ultimate user experience like no other smartphone is offering currently. The iPhone X ranging from £999 up to £1,149 meanwhile Google Pixel 2 ranging from £599 to not more than £799. If you’re an iPhone user, you will totally love the latest phone filled with fun features and you won’t regret spending this much money on something that’s worth having.



In comparison with iPhone X and Pixel 2 XL, we come to the conclusion that both the devices are premium and are entirely different platforms excelling in their own way. While iPhone X is pricier than Google X but it offers much better display, design, user interface and wireless charging. Choosing an iPhone over Google Pixel 2 is completely worth it as you can never go wrong with iPhone.


Lara Jason is a professional content writer at a famous iPhone app development company in Singapore. A specialist in content creation and promotion, she enjoys, writing content. She has a vast experience in the field and loves to help people pursue their dreams.